Friday, March 14, 2014

Color Club Flakkie!! The Uptown over Out The Door Black Hole

Color Club The Uptown is a purple tinted base flakkie polish that turns different colors on the nail.

Unfortunately, not these nails. Take a look, then let's talk more.  First without flash, then with:

20131201_104622     20131201_105924

Hmm, what to say, what to say....Look at a couple more pics, without flash and with:

20131201_104627     20131201_105919

I think I goofed here.  I used yellow stopper and then my go to black polish, Out The Door Black Hole.  I think the combo of the two ruined the purple tint and therefore the flakkies, too.  Once I decided I ruined it, I went ahead and added another coat of yellow stopper to the top...bad idea, I think. The macro:


The Uptown itself is a nice polish, the formula is surprisingly smooth considering how flakkie-tastic it is.  It had a decent dry time, too, since it's mostly flakkies and little base.  I need to try it over a purple, perhaps even a light blue or navy, to try to let that purple shine through.


What do you think? If you own this, what do you use as undies?? Let me know!


1 comment:

  1. I think it looks great on you! On me, I wasn't super pleased. I used Seche base, two coats Uptown, Seche top. It was thicker, it had too much shrinking for me. Then never really dried properly and got dented the next day. I may have been pressed for time and will try again since its so unique. On you though, it looks nice and light, not too thick and chunky, and it shined nicely for you. Lovely.


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