Monday, February 24, 2014

Zoya Spring 2014: Magical Pixie Polishes - See All Three!

Happy Monday morning.  Allow me to add an extra magical sparkle to your Monday!

I have the new Zoya Spring 2014 Magical Pixie trio for you today.  I love texture polish and I love light spring colors.  Zoya's Pixies are some of my favorite texture polishes, so these Magic pixies - with added holo and larger glitters - is an instant win for me.  Let's check them out!


The silver of the group, Cosmo, leaves your nails looking like a disco ball!  I did need three coats for this (as compared to two coats of the others) but the end result is stunning.  Dry time is quicker than your traditional creme but slightly longer than the other Zoya texture polishes.


20140222_102815     20140222_102838

Even without flash, the shine is so pretty!

20140222_102852     20140222_102859

Vega is the baby blue stunner with only two coats needed for full coverage.  I am a huge fan of all three colors.  Do allow them time to dry, but the build up is great.  These are slightly chunkier than the traditional Pixie, more textured and rougher to the touch. Love them!


20140222_100025     20140222_100000

And without flash:

20140222_100041     20140222_100043

Lux is the pink of the group, with a rose colored sparkle that is so feminine.  I needed two coats for the swatches you see below.


20140222_101409     20140222_101356

I actually tried this one the day I got it, adding a Moon Sugar Nails Banksy decal. (PS: USE 20MBHM FOR 20% OFF YOUR PURCHASE AT MOON SUGAR!!)


And without flash:

20140222_101416     20140222_101420

I am a HUGE fan of all three polishes and I know I'll reach for these again.  Can't wait to see what else Zoya does with this line.

You can find Zoya at it's standalone site here:


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