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Sinful Colors Mod In Bloom - 5 NEW Pastels For Spring!

Even though it is far from Spring in most of the US (I've never disliked that groundhog more than I do now), I am jumping right in to Spring collections and pastels!

According to Nouveau Cheap (THE source for drug store releases, such a good site), the Mod In Bloom collection features all new polishes - click HERE for her post - but there are a few that are pretty close to last year's Spring collection called Sugar Rush (which Sam from A Girl Obsessed guest blogged for me last year, click HERE for that recap).

I chose 5 colors from the Spring Mods.  On Wednesday, I am going to show you a couple comparisons between last year's colors and the "all new" colors from this year.  I will tell you now, there are a couple ALMOST dupes - interesting, right?

Here are the colors I picked up -


Let's go in order from the pic.  First up is Violet's Are Blue.  Great color with pretty shimmer.  This is two coats, no topcoat.  Perfectly opaque, no issues at all:

20140209_184443     20140209_184448

Mad About Hue is a bright purple. It's a nice color, fine formula, but pretty sure I have quite a few similar shades.

20140209_191259      20140209_191303     

This is Baby Blues, a sweet polish with a perfect formula.

20140209_182329     20140209_182316

Next, let's check out my bottle WITH NO LABEL.  WHY didn't I look? I have no idea, ugh.  This is Cream Soda, two coats, no topcoat.  It is a beautiful peach with a pinky base.

20140209_171303     20140209_171251

Lastly, this is Nice Stems.  Last year's collex didn't have a seafoam, so I immediately picked up this shade.  Very pretty, similar formula, two coats, no issues. I obviously swatched this baby before I broke all my nails. *sad face*

20140202_123259     20140202_123322

Pretty sweet, right? I am SO ready for Spring!! Hopefully these will be popping up at more locations, but I found these about two weeks ago at a Rite Aid.

Thanks for stopping by,


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