Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 2 of A Girl Obsessed Week: 2 NEW Shredded Toppers - Fractured Spirit & Cold Shattered Heart

Hello and Welcome to Day 2 of A Girl Obsessed Week!

Today I have two amazing shredded polishes for you, Fractured Spirit and Cold Shattered Heart.


Now, I should start off with the fact that I am not a huuuge shred fan, but these polishes are so, so special, I am pretty much converted.  First up, here is Fractured Spirit over Out The Door Black Hole:



This is two coats of the shredded polish.  The formula is slightly thicker than her regular glitter toppers, but the shreds make it seem like that, they are simply bigger pieces.  I do recommend very thin coats and building up to how you like it.  The polish dries quickly, no issues.



This is FS over Candied Orchid, an on-trend holo also by A Girl Obsessed that you'll see later this week as well.  The iridescent pieces turn yellow in the flash on my camera, but they don't look yellow in real life at all.  LOVE how girly and dainty this looks!

20140201_181513     20140201_181625



Next up is Cold Shattered Heart, a teal/turquoise/blue flakkie.  This is really pretty as well, with an identical formula to Fractured Spirit.  Here is two coats of CSH over Out The Door Black Hole.



20140202_125132     20140202_125035

And, last but not least, my Mom helped me pick the base for this, which is Wet N Wild Chick Magnet Zack (since she was sitting on the couch while I was swatching my face off).  She likes the matchy matchy look and I thought this really fit the bill - 'twas Mom approved, if you were wondering.

20140201_184303     20140201_184421


Honestly, this is one of the best pics I have ever taken, I think. LOVE this pic!


Thank you for checking these out!  If you're interested in any polishes from the AGO shop, make sure to use your MBHM exclusive coupon code - MBHM20 - for 20% off your order!

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  1. In love with these nail polishes.

  2. Fractured Spirit is so dang pretty over Candied Orchid. That last pic though is AMAZING! You did a really great job with all these swatches!


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