Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chanel May: Perfect Pink Creme (& Liquid Sky Lacquer Cupid's Bow)

I own a ridiculously large amount of pink polishes.  As soon as I put on the first coat of Chanel May, it became an instant 3 material, even.  You already know this is serious!

Check out my swatch with two coats of Chanel May:


I love this color on my skintone.  The formula is absolutely perfect!!  This is my first Chanel and I am really wow'ed by this polish.  It is streak free and self levels which means even the first coat looks perfect.  Dry time was average and the finish, by itself, was bright and shiny.


I love this polish!!  A couple more shots for you:

20140116_202024     20140116_202053

I actually used this for the base of a Valentine's Day swatch for Liquid Sky Lacquer that I showed you previously.  Since it's almost VDay, here are a couple shots of Cupid's Bow by Liquid Sky Lacquer over Chanel May:


20140116_203707     20140116_203656

There are still VDay polishes available at Liquid Sky Lacquer's store, click HERE to check them out.  Or, if you're undecided, go back to my original post of 4 Liquid Sky Lacquer Valentine's polishes HERE.


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