Friday, February 28, 2014

Femme Fatale Lacquer: Sweet Bouquet Of Pastels

Not only is it Friday, it is the last day of February!  It has been an intensely cold, snowy, and miserable Feb here in Connecticut, so let's bid it good riddance farewell with a springy pastel mani!

This is one coat of Zoya Zanna with two coats of Sweet Bouquet of Pastels by Femme Fatale Lacquer.



The formula on SBoP is great, it is a jelly though and you'd need three, maybe four coats to avoid a VNL.  I dislike the nail line so I started with one coat of a thick creme.

20140222_094924     20140222_094929

Check out a couple more pics and THINK SPRING!!



You can find Femme Fatale Lacquer:
On Facebook HERE
On her store site HERE


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Moon Sugar Decals: Banksy's Girl With Red Balloon! & Nail Art Attempt: Dry Marble/Graffiti Nails!

Today I have a couple cute manicures using Moon Sugar Decal's waterslide decal of the girl with the red balloon, a graffiti design by street artist Banksy.

*Read all the way to the bottom for an exclusive MBHM coupon for Moon Sugar Decals!*

I can wait while you google Banksy - he is awesome!  Come back when you're done!  I know most blogs wouldn't shoo you away from their own content, but Banksy is worth it!!

When these decals arrived, I was so excited that I immediately tried it on my ring finger by itself.


I was semi disappointed because the design is actually quite tall and my nails are not nearly as long as the design presents itself.  I did have to cut and paste the balloon and girl as if they were two separate decals, which was sort of a pain but well worth it, I think!

This is my graffiti inspired mani:


I used Orly Prelude to a Kiss as the base and topped it all with HK Girl Topcoat:


I then added Out The Door red creme polish (on the pinky only) and Sinful Colors black creme on the rest and used the end of a needle to do a dry marble.  Since my dry marble never looks marbled, I am going to call it a graffiti mani and pretend it was on purpose!!



I topped it all with the best matte ever, Matte-ict by A Girl Obsessed (if you pick this up, which you should, remember to use MBHM20 for 20% off!).  Click HERE for the AGO Store!!

Screenshot_2014-02-23-21-00-35     20140223_202045

When I first received it, when I tried it on my ring finger solo, I had also received my Zoya Magical Pixies, so I had to combine the two!

20140219_073359     20140218_234011-1
Pretty, right?

Check out Moon Sugar Decals HERE and use 20MBHM for 20% off your purchase!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Zoya Spring 2014: Magical Pixie Polishes - See All Three!

Happy Monday morning.  Allow me to add an extra magical sparkle to your Monday!

I have the new Zoya Spring 2014 Magical Pixie trio for you today.  I love texture polish and I love light spring colors.  Zoya's Pixies are some of my favorite texture polishes, so these Magic pixies - with added holo and larger glitters - is an instant win for me.  Let's check them out!


The silver of the group, Cosmo, leaves your nails looking like a disco ball!  I did need three coats for this (as compared to two coats of the others) but the end result is stunning.  Dry time is quicker than your traditional creme but slightly longer than the other Zoya texture polishes.


20140222_102815     20140222_102838

Even without flash, the shine is so pretty!

20140222_102852     20140222_102859

Vega is the baby blue stunner with only two coats needed for full coverage.  I am a huge fan of all three colors.  Do allow them time to dry, but the build up is great.  These are slightly chunkier than the traditional Pixie, more textured and rougher to the touch. Love them!


20140222_100025     20140222_100000

And without flash:

20140222_100041     20140222_100043

Lux is the pink of the group, with a rose colored sparkle that is so feminine.  I needed two coats for the swatches you see below.


20140222_101409     20140222_101356

I actually tried this one the day I got it, adding a Moon Sugar Nails Banksy decal. (PS: USE 20MBHM FOR 20% OFF YOUR PURCHASE AT MOON SUGAR!!)


And without flash:

20140222_101416     20140222_101420

I am a HUGE fan of all three polishes and I know I'll reach for these again.  Can't wait to see what else Zoya does with this line.

You can find Zoya at it's standalone site here:


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Verity Nail Lacquer: Cappuccino, Baby Blue, & Soft Green

On a recent trip with friends, I picked up three polishes by a new-to-me brand called Verity:



The formula on the green and blue polishes was decent, while Cappuccino was a sheerer jelly polish. Let's take a look! First up is Soft Green. I loove this polish!



Next up is Cappuccino, the sheerest of the bunch. Even with three coats, compared to 2 of the others, there was still Visible Nail Line:



Finally, we have Baby Blue, which is exactly like the name describes:



Thanks for looking!



Friday, February 21, 2014

OPI La Paz-Itively Hot! A Must Have For All Pink Lovahs

This is a bit simpler than most of my glitter slangin' posts, but this color is so rich and vibrant, it must be shared!  La Paz-itively Hot, by OPI should be a staple for those of us, like myself, who are pink obsessed.  Take a look:



This is just two coats of La Paz with HK Girl topcoat.  The formula is flawless, the application a breeze. No problems with the polish.  The jewel tone quality of this color really sets it apart though, total WOW on the finished product for me!

20131128_204053     20131128_204059

And, I actually found out that it IS a staple in the OPI nail kit that nail techs receive at school!  I am not surprised at all.  This is a great polish!!


You can find OPI at some major retailers, including Ulta (I think!) and I have even spotted a few at CVS recently.  Beauty supply stores carry it and Sally's will, too, very soon.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sinful Colors Spring - Mod In Bloom (2014) v. Sugar Rush (2013) - 4 Comparison Colors

Hopefully you have had a chance to check out my review of 5 of the "apparently" all new 2014 spring collection from Sinful Colors Mod In Bloom that I posted on Monday.

Now, Sinful does claim that all of the 2014 colors are new...but does that mean there are NO dupes from 2013??? I would say there is at least ONE full on dupe and one that is very, very close.  Do you need both? Let's see!

First, let's look at a couple of the purple shades.  Check out a pic, then we can talk more.


The shades shown here are Mad About Hue, 2014, on my ring and index fingers and Sweet Tooth, 2013, on my pinky and middle fingers. Totally different. No dupes, not even close.

Next, two blue shades:


The colors shown are Violets Are Blue, 2014, on my ring and index fingers and Sugar Rush, 2013, on the pinky and middle. Def no dupes.

Next up, the peach shades:



The shades shown here are Cream Soda, 2014, on my ring and index fingers, and Orange Cream, 2013, on my pinky and middle fingers.  Since they are fairly close, but not dupes, I added the bottle shot for comparison, too, with 2013 on the right and 2014 on left.  Cream Soda is pinkier and has more shimmer.  Do you need both?  Maybe!!

Last, but not least, another set of purple/blue...blurple, really, colors.  Hmmmmm:



The shades shown here are Baby Blues, 2014 on my ring and index fingers, and Candy Coated, 2013, on my pinky and middle fingers. DUPE ALERTTTTTT!!!  I added the bottle shot as well and they are pretty much as identical as it gets.  Do you need both, even if you're a crazy mega diehard blurple polish fan?  No, you don't.

So, what do you think?  Do you need both peach? Maybe, if you love peach/pastel/pinky colors.  Do you need both blurples? No, absolutely not.

Hope this helps a few of you out!


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