Thursday, January 23, 2014

Twin Nails Blog Post: Serpentine Stripes With Heather Of I Feel Polished

Today I have a brand new type of post for you, never before seen on My Boyfriend Hates Makeup:  Twin Nails!

I am in a polish group on FB for twin nails and my partner for January is Heather of I Feel Polished.  Our theme was Serpentine Stripes.

Um.. what?  LOL.

Lucky for me, Heather thought up an amazing design, and I think it turned out really well!  Check it out below:



Heather was able to complete the design before I was ('cause I am a slacker, haha) so she chose our palette, Zoya Taylor for the base and Zoya Pippa, Zoya Livingson, and a flat black for the snake's skin.  We didn't have the same black.  Mine is Out The Door Black Hole, her's was Zoya Raven.


To make these stripes, we used dotting tools, the second to smallest dots we each owned. It looks luxurious, almost 3D, and it really does look scaly!!


As she worked, Heather filmed a video - posted to her instagram - that showed the stripes in progress.  I took screen grabs and worked in the exact same way.  How you like that for identical twin nails!?!?  Here are my in progress pics!

20140104_201422     20140104_202038


And here are a couple of Heather's finished shots:

1543149_10101344882571644_730175513_n     1600099_10101344882566654_296819549_n

Lastly, a few of my finished shots:

20140104_210338     20140104_210105

My twin nails partner, Heather, is amazing!!  Make sure to check her out!  Find I Feel Polished:

On her Blog HERE
On Facebook HERE
On Twitter HERE
On Instgram HERE
On Pinterest HERE

And my info, just in case, Find My Boyfriend Hates Makeup:

On Facebook HERE
On Twitter HERE
On Instagram HERE
On Pinterest HERE

I did participate with a group of awesome bloggers, please take a moment to check them all out here:


  1. You both did a great job! I love the direction you ladies took your theme! Great work!


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