Friday, January 10, 2014

Obsessed Mani! A Girl Obsessed He Loves Pie & My Dog!!

This mani is composed of two things that I LOVE very, very (obessively very) much:  A Girl Obsessed Nail Polish and my dog, Shelby!  Here is the first product, then we can talk about it:


Oh, my goodness, how cute is this?


All four fingers have He Loves Pie, by A Girl Obsessed.  Pie is a part of the ongoing My Boyfriend Hates Makeup collection.  Middle two fingers have three coats and topcoat.  My index and pinkies have one coat of Pie and two coats of My Boyfriend Hates Macaroons, also by A Girl Obsessed.


My bow decals are from Vinyl Stickers By Sam and the shiba decal is by SuperModCustomZ.  

(My Shelby decals are by someone who is no longer around on facebook - not death, lol, just MIA :(  If anyone knows who makes decals from photos, please point them in my direction!)


I love this, but it isn't terribly work appropriate, so I transformed it into this:


The pinky stayed the same and the other three fingers have two coats of Pie with topcoat.

Technically, I do work for an animal rights organization, so I probably could have gotten away with leaving it with my Shelby on there.  I still loved the more toned down look, I rocked this for a few days (which, in blogger wear days is like 3 months compared to a regular polished woman, LOL).


For the record, Pie is one of the best nudes I have come across. This polish rocks my socks.


You can find A Girl Obsessed
On Etsy HERE
On Facebook HERE

You can find SuperModCustomZ on etsy HERE

You can find Vinyl Stickers By Sam on etsy HERE


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