Friday, January 3, 2014

New! China Glaze Crinkled Chrome Polishes: Wrinkling The Sheets, Don't Be Foiled, & Iron Out Details

Welcome to My Boyfriend Hates Makeup 2014! This is my first post of the new year, so I thought it was only fitting to post a brand NEW product from one of my favorite mainstream companies, China Glaze. I was sent three of the new Crinkled Chrome polishes, which is a new take on the textured trend, to review for you. Check out the press info directly from China Glaze and I'll show you my swatches below:

Featuring a new technology, China Glaze Crinkled Chrome lacquers apply like a regular polish, crinkling as it dries for an edgy, chrome-like finish.  The six new gorgeous pastels have the sophisticated, polished appeal of the season, but add a contemporary edge and sense of novelty to winter nails. 

China Glaze Crinkled Chrome will be available in January at beauty supply stores nationwide including Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta.  Individual shades will retail for $7.50 MSRP.  


First up is Wrinkling The Sheets.  This is a pretty seafoam green color, the shades themselves are really pretty.  

The texture is made up of circular beads as well as bar glitter, which is the new part.  It looks like crumpled wrapping paper, or, as my astute pal Sam mentioned, like wrapped chocolates.  The swatches show two coats, no topcoat:

20140101_181001     20140101_181212

I get slight lobster hands from this color, which makes me sad.  The polish itself is easy to work with, if a bit thick because of the texture.  It dries SO incredibly quickly, that is a pro, and even though it is metallic, there are few brush strokes, which is another plus.


Here it is without flash:

20140101_181054     20140101_181048

Next up, a pretty medium, almost denim blue shade, Don't Be Foiled.  This also shows 2 coats, no topcoat:

20140101_182935     20140101_182928

Macro shot:




Last up is the darkest shade I received, Iron Out Details.  This is my favorite color of the three, it's almost a sky blue or a light periwinkle?  Of the three, I may reach for this again.

20140101_184946     20140101_185021

The macro shot:


Couple more shots:



So, what do you think? I am a huge texture fan, and I do give China Glaze credit for being the first to try a twist on the texture look.

However, regarding this new bar glitter texture trend, I cannot say I am 110% on board.  Bar glitter and metallic polishes are two of my least favorite characteristics in any polish, so combining the two isn't an instant win for me.  

As for this group, the three colors I received are pretty and the dry time is really impressive.  I would recommend picking up a bottle if you like to try new trends or are simply gaga over the texture trend.  

You can find CG at Sallys, beauty supply stores, and on their standalone site.

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