Monday, January 13, 2014

Nerd Lacquer: The Ring

So, how is everyone feeling about Nerd Lacquer lately? I've heard both sides - some still think of this brand as a coveted, holy grail of indies, and I know a few of you are totally over this brand, too.  How do you feel?

I am pretty much in the middle, only because I've never been too infatuated with the brand anyway.  I came to the indie/polish world right about the time NL disappeared, only to hear that she disappeared because of personal reasons.  I have ordered two times, once for Shiny and once for this polish, The Ring.  Both times I've posted about it on Facebook, I've been met with comments of happiness and comments warning me that the polish was never going to get delivered.

Personally, I have only had good experiences with the brand and my polish has arrived quicker than average.  The colors don't really leap off the page to me, with very few exceptions.

I am not sure this polish, The Ring, is an exception.  Take a look:

20131227_221123     20131227_221115

What do you think?  This polish is mostly copper, with a tannish base and loads of copper and gold glitters.  It is totally fall/winter/holiday appropriate.  I don't think I'd reach for this in warmer temps.


And the macro:


The formula itself is fine, nothing really to write home about or complain about.  The swatch shows two coats with HK Girl topcoat.

20131227_221051     20131227_221042

Let me know your thoughts!  Comment here or via Facebook - My Boyfriend Hates Makeup.


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  1. I was never really on board. While some of the things she made were pretty, nothing really spoke to me. Then she was gone before I had a chance to really make up my mind about her!


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