Sunday, January 19, 2014

MBHM Nail Art Attempt: Dry Water Marble!

I was inspired to try this dry water marble design from BreezyTheNailPolishLover.  I follow her on FB (and elsewhere, I think) and she consistently posts awesome designs with easy to follow tutorials.  She also has a really good knack at making some inexpensive polishes, Pure Ice and Sinful for example, look absolutely lux.

I was also inspired to try this dry water marble because I am not fantastic at the wet version.  Also, it takes forever, it's messy, and it takes FOREVER.  (Intentional).  

The dry marble does look different, less exact and more swirled, but really, it's not too bad at all.  It was easy to do, the only item required besides your polish is a needle, and it didn't take forever.  Win!

The polishes I used are: Sally Hansen Breezy Blue, Barry M Turquoise, Essie Butler Please, Sinful Colors Black on Black:


And here is the finished product:


I painted my nails with Sally Hansen Breezy Blue, let it dry and applied topcoat, HK Girl.

I opened all four bottles, keeping the brushes in but ready to grab.  I made decent sized dots of all four colors on each finger.  I didn't take pics...didn't think it would come out well!


Next, I used my needle (don't use a toothpick or dotter, too thick) and dragged it around to make the design.

HINT:  Use a LIGHT touch with the needle!!  You can always go back over the area BUT if you dig the needle in, you will get an impression in your design.  


From far away it's OK, but up close it's a big old mess!! <-- If you know which movie this is from, you were clearly a teenager in the 90's also. <3


The decals are from Vinyl Stickers By Sam. I was going for a birds in the sky type of thing.  What do you think?


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