Saturday, January 18, 2014

Indie Does Texture!! Must See: Ellagee Black Hills Gold & Ocean Jewels

I'm assuming you're sitting down while you're reading this, but in case you're not...

Sit Down.

Otherwise, I am going to show you and tell you something that's going to knock your socks off.  Are you ready?  I have two words for you:

Indie. Texture.

YESSSSSSS.  Just looooook:

20140113_220936     20140113_210254

These beautiful, textured, sparkly dreams of polish are by indie company ellagee.

The gold is called Black Hills Gold and the blue is Ocean Jewels. They have a medium grit, similar to Zoya or Julie G, a SUPER fast dry time like China Glaze, and more bling and sparkle than ANY mainstream company I have seen (and I have tried more than I care to admit!) MOAH PIX!!


How stunning is Black Hills Gold?  That shouldn't even be a question.  It's not a question.  It's stunning.  And these pics do it NO justice!

This is two coats of BHG, no topcoat to capture that raw, gritty texture feel.  The formula itself is slightly thick, but totally easy to work with...and clearly, the results are gorgeous!

20140113_221056     20140113_221138



This is one of the first indie polishes I have literally stalked the release of and purchased as soon as I was able to do so.  I was super lucky because Laura threw in a mini of Ocean Jewels for me to review...and, holymoly, this beauty does NOT disappoint!


20140113_210334      20140113_210358

Macro.  Of course you need to see the macro!!!!!!!


This is two coats of Ocean Jewels, no topcoat.  Ocean Jewels is simply breathtaking in real life and my pics do it no justice.


The moral of the story is very simple.  If you like texture polish and you love indie polish, you're going to want to pick up a few of these!!!!!!!

I NEED Blingtastic at the very least and I am hoping my Secret Cupid pulled it from my wishlist.  If not, I will def be grabbing that one.

You must see all the colors! You can find ellagee:

On her standalone site HERE

On Facebook HERE



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