Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dandy Nails: Choke On A Kiss! New To Me Indie!

Let's keep the indie love going, shall we?  Today I have a new to me indie polish, gifted by my nail mail pal extraordinare, Patricia.  Thank you, Patricia!

How well does she know me?  This is Choke On A Kiss, by Dandy Nails:


20131227_223428     20131227_223546

Are you surprised I love this? You shouldn't be! :)  This polish has a clear, almost holo base, with black, pink, and white glitters.  This is two coats of Choke over Damage Control by Jenna Hipp, which was also gifted by Patricia - perfect pair, don't you think??




Few more shots because this polish is just lovely.  The polish flows nicely on the nail, dry time is fine, the finished look is just so pretty!  I know I'll reach for this again!


Oh, you have to see the bottle, too. How cute is the label with the name printed right on it?


You can find Dandy Nails:
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