Sunday, January 5, 2014

All Tied Up: Kawaii Nail Lacquer Custom!!

Let's keep Custom Weekend going today, shall we?  Jamie of Kawaii Nail Lacquer sent me an awesome custom for Christmas, a pink glitter bomb called All Tied Up.  As you can possibly assume from the name, it has bow glitter!!!!!!!!!


Isn't this adorable?  There are bows, diamonds, circles, mini hexes, silver mini dots, micro glitters - just WOW.  This is two coats of ATU over Island Girl Molokai Dream, a fairly streaky pink creme.  ATU was a dream to work with, the bows and diamonds just popped right out.  There was so much glitter that I did do a little placement, but it has to look good, ya know?

20131227_211927     20131227_211911

Time for the Macro shot!


I am in love with this polish. Jamie did an awesome job - thank you, Jamie!  Last look:

20131227_211927     20131227_211835

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