Monday, January 6, 2014

20 Radiant Orchid Polishes! (& 2 Texture!) Spring 2014!!!

The pantone color for the 2014 Spring season is.........



This pink polish lover could not be ANY happier about this choice and, of course, I have perfect polishes to match this color!  Take a look at the shades we are working with:
And, FYI, my post is inspired by Jessica at BeHappyBuyPolish.  She did a 6 part post and divided the colors by shade and then glitters, so click HERE to start with post 1, then keep going to all 6.  Awesome job by Jessica!!  I am way lazier, lol, so I picked my top 20 and will post all of them here.  PHOTOHEAVYPOSTWARNING!

I am going to post lighter shades to dark, then the two texture at the very end.  These are not all exactly radiant orchid, obviously, but a variety of shades that coordinate or match well.  Let's get started!

tea beauty Lavender Sugar:

20140105_011124     20140105_011134

Sally Hansen Nail'd It:

20140105_005747     20140105_005835

NYC New York Color Lincoln Square Lavender:

20140105_004539     20140105_004539

Essie Madison Ave-Hue:

20140105_003629     20140105_003618

Mark Cupcake:

20140105_002458     20140105_002407

Polish Haus Bewitched:

20140105_001422     20140105_001418

Orly Pink Waterfall:

20140105_000330     20140105_000340

Essie My Better Half:

20140104_234233     20140104_234229

Wet n Wild Through The Grapevine:

20140104_233231     20140104_233243

Orly Fancy Fuchsia:

20140104_232241     20140104_232254

J Nail Lacquer Rose Purple:

20140104_231140     20140104_231158

Cult Nails Devious Nature:

20140104_230414    20140104_230403

365 Days Of Color Big Purple Umbrella:

20140104_225537     20140104_225546

Verity Deep Lavender:

20140104_224557     20140104_224612

Literary Lacquers As The Waltz Was Ending:

20140104_223720     20140104_223705

China Glaze Tantalize Me:

20140104_222510     20140104_222532

Essie The Girls Are Out:

20140104_221342     20140104_221352

Essie The Lace Is On:

20140104_215919     20140104_220017

China Glaze Reggae To Riches:

20140104_214646     20140104_214707

Zoya Mason:

20140104_213637     20140104_213652

And, here are two texture polishes!!

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Bubble Plum:

20140105_011931     20140105_011927

China Glaze Unrefined:

20140105_012932     20140105_012925

Thanks for stopping by!

Which polishes do you like best?

My favorites are:

Literary Lacquer As The Waltz Was Ending (duh)

  • Polish Haus Bewitched
  • Orly Pink Waterfall
  • Essie My Better Half
  • China Glaze Tantalize Me

Happy Radiant Orchid season!!!!



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