Friday, January 31, 2014

New To Me Indie: 3 Polishes From Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer

Happy Friday!

Today I have three polishes from a new-to-me indie company, Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer, to show you.  We have a jelly, a crelly, and a glitter topper, so there's something for everyone!

The three polishes I received are Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce, When The Ball Drops, & Molly Mae.


Let's go in order from this pic.  First up, the hysterically named "Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce" which is a brilliant red jelly with gold sparkles.  This is three thin coats, no topcoat.



I am not the world's biggest jelly fan due to the usual VNL (visible nail line, the panty lines of the nail world), but this has nice coverage.  It dried fairly quickly and really does look "squishy" to the touch, the way a good jelly should look!

20140128_200826     20140128_200756

Next up is When The Ball Drops, a glitter bomb topper.  I used two coats over Verity Flamenco Purple.  This formula was slightly thick for a glitter top coat but it is stuffed to the brim with glitter so the base has to be slightly thick to hold it all in there! The dominant colors are a vibrant blue and there are some larger gold hex in there, too.



Couple more shots!  I bet if you used 3-4 coats, you could make this opaque and have the shiniest nails EVER.

20140128_202842     20140128_202848

Last but not least, the sweet pink of the bunch, Molly Mae.  This is two coats of Molly, no topcoat.  This is a seriously sweet color.  It looks almost watermelon pink but in the light there is an amazing lilac shimmer!! It also has some darker pink micro glitters which give it nice depth on the nail.  This is my favorite, by far.  Don't tell me you're surprised!



How pretty is this!?!?

20140128_195007     20140128_195020

You can find Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer:


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Second Look Post - Girly Bits: Eggnogholic

Today I have another second look post for you.  A "second look" post on MBHM means that I have swatched this polish before on the blog but decided the polish now deserves a second look or second appearance on the site.

The star of today's post is Eggnogoholic, but Canadian indie maker Girly Bits.  You can check out my first post HERE, dated just about a week ago this time last year!  Weird!  Apparently I reach for the same polishes around the same time each year...does anyone else do that?


This is three thin coats of Eggnog.  It has a thinner consistency than you'd think, given how glitter packed it is.  The base color is a creamy creme that is off white and the gold glitters really stand out.  I love this polish!


Last shot:


You can find Girly Bits:

On their standalone site HERE
On Facebook HERE


Monday, January 27, 2014

365 Days Of Color: Nomad

Aaaah, another polish that makes me long for Spring!  Today I have a quick post for you of 365 Days of Color Nomad.  This polish was sent to me by the lovely Becky of Naked Without Polish in a giveaway I won.  Let's check it out!



Nomad has a light yellow base with aqua glitters, squares and hexes.  Such a sweet polish!  The first coat was sheer but a second resulted in what you see below, totally opaque.  The formula is perfect, as 365 polishes are, and the dry time was faster than average.


I am loving this color combo, even if it isn't a more traditional pairing.  The yellow makes the greens POP right through the nail.


And a couple more shots:


You can find 365:

On Facebook HERE

On her standalone site HERE


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Graffiti Cream by Glitter Me This! Must See Glitter Creme Polish

I love a good white based creme glitter polish, so today's polish, Graffiti Cream by Glitter Me This, is an instant favorite.  Check it out:


20140110_212536     20140110_212624

Glitter Me This is the indie line from my friend Nicole.  She sent me this, and a couple other beauties I'll be showing you, as a random act of kindness.  Her FB Page, Glitter Me This, also has a "On Wednesday's We Wear Pink" feature, which (in my opinion) is AWESOME!! :)


This polish has a white base, although I did one coat of Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas underneath, and these swatches show topcoat as well.  There are two coats of Graffiti Cream, and the formula is impressive!  Glitter came flying out of the bottle with no effort at all.  Dry time was faster than average.


I took plenty of shots of this stunner!  There are black, blue, white and purple glitters, squares, hexes, and micro glitter.


You can find Glitter Me This:

On Facebook HERE
On her store site HERE


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Twin Nails Blog Post: Serpentine Stripes With Heather Of I Feel Polished

Today I have a brand new type of post for you, never before seen on My Boyfriend Hates Makeup:  Twin Nails!

I am in a polish group on FB for twin nails and my partner for January is Heather of I Feel Polished.  Our theme was Serpentine Stripes.

Um.. what?  LOL.

Lucky for me, Heather thought up an amazing design, and I think it turned out really well!  Check it out below:



Heather was able to complete the design before I was ('cause I am a slacker, haha) so she chose our palette, Zoya Taylor for the base and Zoya Pippa, Zoya Livingson, and a flat black for the snake's skin.  We didn't have the same black.  Mine is Out The Door Black Hole, her's was Zoya Raven.


To make these stripes, we used dotting tools, the second to smallest dots we each owned. It looks luxurious, almost 3D, and it really does look scaly!!


As she worked, Heather filmed a video - posted to her instagram - that showed the stripes in progress.  I took screen grabs and worked in the exact same way.  How you like that for identical twin nails!?!?  Here are my in progress pics!

20140104_201422     20140104_202038


And here are a couple of Heather's finished shots:

1543149_10101344882571644_730175513_n     1600099_10101344882566654_296819549_n

Lastly, a few of my finished shots:

20140104_210338     20140104_210105

My twin nails partner, Heather, is amazing!!  Make sure to check her out!  Find I Feel Polished:

On her Blog HERE
On Facebook HERE
On Twitter HERE
On Instgram HERE
On Pinterest HERE

And my info, just in case, Find My Boyfriend Hates Makeup:

On Facebook HERE
On Twitter HERE
On Instagram HERE
On Pinterest HERE

I did participate with a group of awesome bloggers, please take a moment to check them all out here:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Second Look Post - Model City Polish: Cookies And Milk

Every once in a while, I dig through my (let's not talk about numbers) ever-growing stash and grab a polish to re-swatch.  I have shown you this before (and I did, HERE and it was actually just about a year ago!!), but it deserves a second look today.

This is Cookies and Milk by Model City Polish:


20140110_210343     20140110_210408

This is two coats of Cookies over one coat of Wet n Wild A Blank Canvas.  Even though I have had Cookies for well over a year, the polish is still flawless!  It is opaque in 2-3 coats (2 with a base, easily), and the glitters come right out of the bottle. A close up:


And a couple more shots:



You can find Model City:

On Facebook HERE
On her standalone site HERE


Monday, January 20, 2014

New To Me Indie: Laquerlicious Lady Liberty

Warning: gorgeous polish below!

Today I have a new-to-me indie brand for you called Laquerlicious!  While digging through my stash, I realized I do actually have a couple Laquerlicious minis, but I haven't touched them yet.  Shame on me because today's polish, Lady Liberty, is great!  Let's take a look:


Lady Liberty has a minty green/blue base with gold glitters.  My swatches show two coats with NYC Clear as topcoat (and base, too, actually):

20140110_220917     20140110_220946

The formula is great, it is a sturdy creme but not thick at all.  The glitters are dispersed throughout and come out of the bottle easily.  Dry time is decent as well.  It dries oh-so-slightly matte on me so I added topcoat for shine in these pics.


One last shot:


Thank you to my nail mail friend Patricia for sending this to me!

You can find Laquerlicious:

On their standalone site HERE
On Facebook HERE


Sunday, January 19, 2014

MBHM Nail Art Attempt: Dry Water Marble!

I was inspired to try this dry water marble design from BreezyTheNailPolishLover.  I follow her on FB (and elsewhere, I think) and she consistently posts awesome designs with easy to follow tutorials.  She also has a really good knack at making some inexpensive polishes, Pure Ice and Sinful for example, look absolutely lux.

I was also inspired to try this dry water marble because I am not fantastic at the wet version.  Also, it takes forever, it's messy, and it takes FOREVER.  (Intentional).  

The dry marble does look different, less exact and more swirled, but really, it's not too bad at all.  It was easy to do, the only item required besides your polish is a needle, and it didn't take forever.  Win!

The polishes I used are: Sally Hansen Breezy Blue, Barry M Turquoise, Essie Butler Please, Sinful Colors Black on Black:


And here is the finished product:


I painted my nails with Sally Hansen Breezy Blue, let it dry and applied topcoat, HK Girl.

I opened all four bottles, keeping the brushes in but ready to grab.  I made decent sized dots of all four colors on each finger.  I didn't take pics...didn't think it would come out well!


Next, I used my needle (don't use a toothpick or dotter, too thick) and dragged it around to make the design.

HINT:  Use a LIGHT touch with the needle!!  You can always go back over the area BUT if you dig the needle in, you will get an impression in your design.  


From far away it's OK, but up close it's a big old mess!! <-- If you know which movie this is from, you were clearly a teenager in the 90's also. <3


The decals are from Vinyl Stickers By Sam. I was going for a birds in the sky type of thing.  What do you think?


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