Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Zoya Naturel Collection!! See All 6 Coordinating Shades Here!

I am so pleased to be able to show you the Zoya Naturel collection, a gorgeous set of 6 coordinating shades!


If you come here frequently, you know I adore neutral polishes, so this set is an instant favorite for me.  All 6 are Zoya's perfect creme formula and all swatches show 2 coats with topcoat except Chantal, which is 3 coats.  First up, let's take a look at the 2 taupe/nude cremes, Chantal and Taylor.  They are very similar except Chantal has a more yellow base and Taylor a more brown/nude base.

First up, 3 coats of Chantal with topcoat:


20131207_215409     20131207_215350

Tomorrow I will have some nail art with Chantal as the base.  Coming soon!

Next up is Taylor.  I think this may have been too similar for the same collection, but it is a great nude. Here are the two side by side:


 On my skintone, of the two, I prefer Taylor.  This is 2 coats with topcoat.  Perfect formula! I know I'll reach for this again, it is one of my favorites:

20131207_212311     20131207_212215


Rue is a gorgeous muted rose creme.  This is two coats and it dries creamy and streak free. I love this color!


20131206_220109     20131206_220135

Brigette is the next shade, slightly more purple than Rue:


20131207_205239     20131207_205204

Odette and Normani are the two darker colors.  Odette is a bright purple, a perfect year round shade.  Two coats with topcoat:


20131206_192801     20131206_192729
Last up is Normani, a more mushroom grey color.  It does fit in well with the bunch but it leaves towards grey and not purple on my skin. Two coats with topcoat shown:

20131207_213904     20131207_213925


I have some nail art coming up using these shades.  They compliment each other incredibly well and all contain the same flawless creme we have come to expect from Zoya.


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