Monday, December 23, 2013

Sweet Heart Polish! New To Me Indie Review: O'Connell!, Drink From The Nile, & Circle Back 'Round

I think “new to me” indie posts are some of my favorites. I get to try a new brand and report back to you so you can check it out…if it’s worthwhile!

Today’s new to me indie, Sweet Heart Polish, is definitely worth your while. Let’s take a look! I have three polishes to show you – Drink From The Nile, O’Connell! and Circle Back ‘Round (which, spoiler alert, is one of the easiest to use, no fishing required circle glitter polishes I have ever seen!)

20131221_090710     20131221_090727

First up is O’Connell! I first found Sweet Heart Polish on Instagram (@sweet_heart_polish) and commented on every single picture of O’Connell, lol. Guess it was a given that I would love this one!



This is a bright, almost cyan, holo blue. My photos show three coats and no topcoat.

Both O’Connell! and Nile are holo polishes and sparkle so nice in the light. They are fairly sheer, as are most holo, but build up nicely. Dry time was average, formula was great.


Drink From The Nile is O’Connell!’s darker blue cousin. Similar formula, dry time, opacity. Three coats, no topcoat shown:


Couple more pics!



Last, but certainly not least, is Circle Back ‘Round, a clear base with green micro glitters, medium and large silver circles, and bigger green circles. I approached this one with some hesitation. Were the circles even going to come out of the bottle?


YES. To my sheer delight and shock, the bigger glitters came out of the bottle easily. There was ZERO fishing required! Zero, seriously. This is two coats of butterLONDON Fiver with two coats of Circle Back ‘Round.

And a couple more shots. I also used Drink From The Nile as a base, two coats shown under two coats of Circle:


This polish is a dream glitter topper. The consistency is great, dry time perfectly fine, and zero fishing or placement needed. GREAT polish!! Overall, I am very impressed with these three from Sweet Heart Polish! Def going to be heading to that shop soon. You can find Sweet Heart Polish:

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