Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mega Review Post! 7 Polishes from Playlist Polish! New To Me Indie!

I hope you had a nice Christmas if you celebrated it!!  I am back to posting now and I have a great one for you!

Today I have another new to me indie post for you, this time from Playlist Polish. Playlist sent over 7 polishes for me to show you, so I’ve got an in-depth look at this brand. All 7 are Christmas themed – tis the season, after all. Let’s take a look!

Group bottle shot and swatch shot:


From the bottle shot, the polishes are:
(top row) Santa Baby, Silent Night, Christmas in Dixie, Sugar Plum Fairy
(bottom row) Babes in Toyland, Jingle Bell Rock, Angels Among Us


I wasn’t sure of the best way to organize this, so I decided to go with ROYGBIV, then the various non-rainbow colors. So, with that in mind, the first polish I have to show you is Santa Baby, a red jelly with gold glitter:


I should say upfront, and I did mention to the maker, these are sheer polishes. I wanted to show you the true color of the polishes but I also wanted to show you how these POP over the right bases, so I did two coats of polish on my pinky with no undies, and the other three fingers have a base under the Playlist Polish. I’ll remind you of that as we go on. So, here, my pinky has two coats of Santa Baby alone, and the other three have Zoya Livingson as the base, and I used two coats of Livingson and two coats of Santa Baby:


I have zero complaints about the formula. Dry time was super quick since they are sheer. This one does build up nicely and could go with three coats alone for a more squishy, jelly look:

20131221_161700     20131221_161649

Next up is Silent Night, a navy blue jelly with silver glitters. Very similar in look and feel to Santa Baby. Pinky shows two coats alone and the other fingers have two coats of Zoya Sailor and two coats of Silent Night:



Very pretty and so shimmery with the base added:

20131221_163602     20131221_163610

The third polish is called Christmas in Dixie and I paired it with Sail La Vie from Sinful Colors. This is a soft blue holo, with a great dry time. Builds beautifully on the nail.


Here you can see my pinky v. ring finger:


And a couple other shots.  This one is SO pretty!

20131221_165108     20131221_165059

Next up is Sugar Plum Fairy and I used Lavender Sugar from Tea Beauty under it on every finger except my pinky.


Sugar Plum may be the most sheer polish of the bunch.


But the finished product is pretty. Bet this would look great over black:

20131221_170942     20131221_170936

Babes in Toyland is a soft purple holo, still slightly sheer, but could also stand alone. I used Sweet Lavender from Rimmel London as the base which really made the purple tones more prominent.


On the pinky, you can see the sheerness, but that's typical of most holo polish:


One last look:

20131221_181409     20131221_181511

The silver of the group, Jingle Bell Rock, could easily stand on it’s own.


I did use a single coat of Sidewalkers by NYC New York Color, and Jingle Bell Rock really popped, allowing you to see the shimmer in more detail.


Check it out:

20131221_173343     20131221_173320

Last but not least is Angels Among Us, which has the best formula of the group, in my opinion.


 It was a tad thicker than the others and much more opaque as well, easily looking as opaque with or without undies. I did use A Blank Canvas by Wet n Wild under my three fingers and left the pinky without undies – you can hardly tell the difference.


Angels has a beautiful shimmer as well, but my camera had a harder time picking it up. This is two coats over two coats of undies. This is a beautiful polish!

20131221_174600     20131221_174719

Overall, my favorites of this group are Santa Baby, Angels Among Us, and Babes in Toyland. I am looking forward to seeing more from Playlist Polish.

You can find Playlist Polish:
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  1. Swatches would look better if you shaped your nails better. Very uneven.


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