Saturday, November 2, 2013

NEW From A Girl Obsessed: My Boyfriend Hates Macaroons...He Loves Pie! Part of the MBHM Collection!

Today I am excited to show you another A Girl Obsessed duo that is part of the My Boyfriend Hates Makeup collection.

I have been attempting to convert Sam into loving nudes, and I think I have been pretty successful!  I've also been asking (begging) for an office appropriate sparkle polish...and I got it!  To make life easier, she paired it with a matching base, sold separately.  Let's take a look!  First up, the stunning solid nude base, He Loves Pie:


This is three coats of Pie with a coat of AGO topcoat! Loving the subtle shimmer!


The formula is great, no issues with it. Dry time was fine for a crelly/creamy polish.


One more look because I love it so much:


And, next up, my office appropriate nude sparkle! It's the nude twin to MBHMint. Check out My Boyfriend Hates Macaroons:

S 20131027_204338

Macaroons is a crelly loaded with gold and silver glitter. The swatch shows 2 coats of Macaroons over 3 coats of Pie, from my previous swatch. Just like the Mint combo, you can get away with one coat of Pie and 2 of Macaroons. My overkill is for swatching purposes!


Another look:


You can find these polishes in the AGO store on etsy HERE or on Facebook HERE for more info. I don't believe these are in store yet BUT check back here or Sam's FB page and you'll see as soon as they are available.

I am also hoping for a sky blue and pink (hint, hint Sam!) addition to the MBHM collection, too!


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