Monday, November 11, 2013

My New Favorite Polish!! As The Waltz Was Ending By Literary Lacquers!!

A few weeks ago, I asked Amy of Literary Lacquers to make me a custom polish.  Amy is the queen of holo polish, so I knew she was the perfect one to make the polish I had in mind.  I present to you, As The Waltz Was Ending:


I picked the name because it is the title of my favorite book, As The Waltz Was Ending from Emma Butterworth. It is an autobiography/memoir of Butterworth's time growing up in Vienna, Austria, during WW2. It's an intriguing, saddening, and empowering book. "Emmy" as she refers to herself in the book, is a ballet dancer and tried to maintain a sense of beauty and dance during the war, so I felt that this pink was a perfect, girly, empowering color and matched the book well!


Isn't this gorgeous? You may be able to get this on your nails soon - check out the Literary Lacquer Facebook page for more info coming soon!!


This is three thin coats with a coat of HK Girl topcoat. It's a perfect formula, like everything from LL.

20131109_185351     20131109_185622


One last pic:


You can find Literary Lacquers on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE.

You can see my other Literary Lacquers in my Round Up Post here, over a dozen polish swatched and LOTS of them are brilliant holos, like this one!


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