Friday, November 1, 2013

My Boyfriend Hates Makeup...He Loves Me: New By A Girl Obsessed! The My Boyfriend Hates Makeup Collection!

I know the title of the post is long, but do me a quick favor and re-read it.

Yes - you read that correctly, My Boyfriend Hates Makeup is going to be a standalone collection by A Girl Obsessed!

You may recall the first polish, MBHMint, a gorgeous mint crelly with silver and gold glitters - check out my original post HERE.  The polish has been reformulated and there is now a separate base to boot!

How cute are the titles?  My Boyfriend Hates Mint...He Loves Me.  Adorable, right?  I have a second base and crelly glitter pair to show you tomorrow!!  I'll leave ya hangin' till then!  Now, onto the pics!  First up, the solid base:


Here is 3 coats of He Loves Me, a pretty mint shimmer polish.  I did need three coats but it's a pastel so I was expecting that. The formula was smooth, dry time average.  The coats built up nicely as well.

20131027_192909     20131027_192700

How creamy looking is this? The subtle shimmer really makes this unique!


Next up, I layered two coats of MBHMint, the original formula, over the 3 coats of HLM. Honestly, if you're going to use it as the base, you would only need one coat of HLM and two coats of Mint. Or two coats of HLM and one coat of Mint. Mint does have a matching pastel base, so you won't need as many coats as I used - I was swatching after all!


When I texted Sam my swatches, she said I needed a new bottle of Mint because it now has even more glitter! My version is great, so if there is better, woooohooo to that!


Love this polish! One last look:


I hope you love the MBHM collection as much as I do! Stop back tomorrow to see the nude pair, My Boyfriend Hates Macaroons...But He Loves Pie! Check out all of the polishes in Sam's shop. Find A Girl Obsessed on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE.



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