Saturday, November 23, 2013

Maybelline Brocade Polishes: Gilded Rose and Amethyst Couture

Today I have two Maybelline Brocade polishes to show you, Gilded Rose and Amethyst Couture.  There are 10 polishes in this collection, but naturally I gravitated towards the pinks and purples.

Gilded Rose is a gold based, pink and glitter polish.  This is three coats and topcoat.


Gilded Rose is much nicer than Amethyst Couture. This polish is thick, and not only because of the glitters but because it's just thick. It was fairly easy to work with but needed a decent amount of dry time. The finish is very shiny though, it is really pretty after all. Worth the hassle of application.


The macro shot:
And one last look:


Next up is Amethyst Couture. This is not worth the hassle of application. Take a look first, then we will talk about it.


I am not enthusiastic about this polish at all. This is two thick coats because it is impossible to get a thin coat. It is near black in some light, sorta kinda purple in others, and the gold that looks so apparent in the bottle is barely visible in real life. It actually shows up more in the photos than in read life, too. Total miss for me.


Here is the black-ish tone in the odd lighting:


And one more shot for good measure:


You can find Maybelline polishes in drug stores, WalMarts, etc, but I'm not sure I would recommend running to find these. Has anyone else tried them? Are any other colors better??




  1. The Blende Elegance is a incredible green, which is very easy to apply. Another one that I liked was Black-n Mirrors.

  2. loved the last one ! nice blue/purple bling

  3. I had a good experience with Beaming Blue - similar application to Gilded Rose.


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