Friday, November 8, 2013

LE Glitter Soup By Kawaii Lacquer! Glitter Bomb Alert! Must See Polish!!

It has been a great few days of Kawaii Nail Lacquer happiness in these parts, and today the good mood continues with Glitter Soup, which IS in the store.

According to the site, Glitter Soup is:

"This is a fun new years polish made up of over 300 plus glitters. Happy New Years Glitter Bomb!"

The description doesn't do it any justice! Let's just get to the pics, and we are going to cut to the chase and see it over black first, Out The Door Black Hole (the best 1 coater black polish known to man).


This polish has a clear base and approximately 4,205 glitters. Or over 300, like the description said. The formula is surprisingly not thick, which I assumed it would be with SO much glitter involved, but it's great. Dry time is fine. I did push a few of these around to place them, but I didn't have to do any fishing to get them. Check it out with and without flash:

20131016_204320     20131016_204209

Macro of a couple of different nails!! Hope you don't mind this double pic format in some spots. Actually, if you hate it, let me know on Facebook, but with a glitter bomb of this magnitude, you need to see as many pics as possible!

20131016_204217     20131016_204252

Here it is over nude. I have no idea which one. I want to say I reached for Color Club Poetic Hues. Love the moon I picked up in this swatch.


Macro time, without and with flash:

20131016_183651     20131016_183540

You need more pics of this. So do I.


Lastly, here is Soup over Lacey's Pink Dream, which already has a holo sparkle. I love the two together! Lacey's Pink Dream is also by Kawaii!


See the little skull glitter I got in this swatch?


20131016_173115     20131016_173201

You can find Kawaii Lacquer on etsy HERE - and if you want this LE shade, you should head there very, very soon - and on Facebook HERE.


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