Saturday, November 9, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics: Reflect 2.0, Reflect 1.0, and a Prototype Color Changer!! New To Me Indie!

Today I have a new-to-me indie brand to show you called Carpe Noctem Cosmetics.  If the name sounds familiar, Emily was nice enough to donate a prize to my 2K Follower giveaway earlier in 2013.

I originally picked up a polish called Reflect from her Samhain Fall 2013 collection.  I swatched it and thought it was lovely:

20131016_192107     20131016_193319

My photo shows 2 coats over black.  On the website, it is described as:

"Reflect is a gorgeous duochrome, shifting from blue to teal and purple. It has larger pigments, which I actually really like - Most of the duochromes I have tried are either super tiny pigments or glitters. It's very easy to find the color shift with this polish, and it looks awesome alone or over a darker base. Application is so smooth and wonderful and dries super fast( thanks Ashley -from her blog Potions in Motion)"

However, not everyone seemed to be happy to Emily went ahead and re-issued replacements that are even more opaque, more color shifting, and more duochromier:

20131102_161324     20131102_161328

In other lights, you see the purple shift:

20131102_161348     20131102_161404

And in general, you see shiny duochrome goodness. My photos show 2 coats of Reflect over Out The Door Black Hole.  Reflect is a purple to green shifter, and so shiny in the light!

I have more than average photos today so you can see Reflect in all of it's glory.  See, in some light you see a strong forest green:

My favorite swatch pic...what do you think of this new hand pose??



Close up:


Love this!  Emily also spoiled me with a second mini polish and it's nameless!  She said this is a prototype and she isn't sure if she plans to release it just yet.  However, it is really pretty, a rose to olive green color, so you need to see a few shots!

Let Emily know if you like it on her Facebook page!!

20131024_210129     20131025_133447

You can find Carpe Noctem Cosmetics on Facebook HERE and on etsy HERE.


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