Friday, November 29, 2013

8 Polishes by Seven&Parker!! Holos, Glitter Toppers, & More!

Today I have 6 polishes to review for you from a newish indie company called Seven&Parker.  

Mitzy was awesome and sent me a COMPLETE blogger package - and by that, I mean she sent me a base coat called Creamy Base Coat, polishes, and a topcoat called Glass Shine topcoat!!  In all of my swatches in the post, I used the base coat and topcoat from Seven&Parker.  The topcoat was quick and drying, super shiny as well, and the base coat had a nice, thick formula.

Group shot of the polishes:


Top row: Sandy Claws, Yuletide, All I Want For Christmas
Bottom row: Luff Luff, Winter Skies, Santa Baby

First up, Sandy Claws!  This is a gorgeous red holo polish, opaque in a single coat. I used two for these photos, however, and I also used the base and top that I was sent.  The topcoat does not dull the holo shine at all!  The formula of the polish is really great, easily flows on the nail and dries quickly.

20131127_134821     20131127_134812

Next up, Yuletide is an olive, frosty, green with a gold duochrome shimmer and holo.  This polish is simply stunning!!  I love how it looks in different lights. The polish itself is similar to Sandy Claws, perfect:

20131127_140650     20131127_140936


My standout favorite of the bunch is All I Want For Christmas.  This is two coats with Seven&Parker base and topcoat.  The purple shade is unique, the polish flawless.  Photo spam!!


20131127_131638     20131127_113517



The last holo of the bunch is a light pink called Luff Luff.  The polish is sheerer than the others and took three coats to build up in the swatches you see here.  I think the holo is a little less noticeable than the others as well.

20131127_143216     20131127_143314


I was also sent two glitter topcoats!  Winter Skies is a sweet mix of a clear holo base with green and blue micro glitters.  I love how dainty the glitter pieces are...I am a little over it on gigantic glitter at the moment.  I layered two coats of Winter Skies over Barry M Turquoise:

20131127_151642     20131127_151612

The last polish I have to show you is Santa Baby, the pink and red version of Winter Skies, with similar sized glitters and a holo base.  I layered two coats over Dior Incognito (needed 4 coats of that.  To be discussed in a separate post!!!)  The formula of both glitter toppers is great, good base to glitter ratio.  Since the glitters are so small, they come out easily, no fishing or extra elbow grease required.

20131127_154248     20131127_154302

Overall, I am impressed with these polishes from Seven&Parker, including the base and topcoat.  You can check out Seven&Parker:

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