Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday!

In support of small business Saturday, I suggest you go check out the following indie polishes..a select few of my current favorites:

(Alphabetical order!)

A Girl Obsessed

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics

Femme Fatale Lacquers

Kawaii Lacquer

Literary Lacquers

Rebel Rainbow

Seven and Parker

Click the links to head to their etsy shops, but also check out Facebook for coupon codes and good deals.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

8 Polishes by Seven&Parker!! Holos, Glitter Toppers, & More!

Today I have 6 polishes to review for you from a newish indie company called Seven&Parker.  

Mitzy was awesome and sent me a COMPLETE blogger package - and by that, I mean she sent me a base coat called Creamy Base Coat, polishes, and a topcoat called Glass Shine topcoat!!  In all of my swatches in the post, I used the base coat and topcoat from Seven&Parker.  The topcoat was quick and drying, super shiny as well, and the base coat had a nice, thick formula.

Group shot of the polishes:


Top row: Sandy Claws, Yuletide, All I Want For Christmas
Bottom row: Luff Luff, Winter Skies, Santa Baby

First up, Sandy Claws!  This is a gorgeous red holo polish, opaque in a single coat. I used two for these photos, however, and I also used the base and top that I was sent.  The topcoat does not dull the holo shine at all!  The formula of the polish is really great, easily flows on the nail and dries quickly.

20131127_134821     20131127_134812

Next up, Yuletide is an olive, frosty, green with a gold duochrome shimmer and holo.  This polish is simply stunning!!  I love how it looks in different lights. The polish itself is similar to Sandy Claws, perfect:

20131127_140650     20131127_140936


My standout favorite of the bunch is All I Want For Christmas.  This is two coats with Seven&Parker base and topcoat.  The purple shade is unique, the polish flawless.  Photo spam!!


20131127_131638     20131127_113517



The last holo of the bunch is a light pink called Luff Luff.  The polish is sheerer than the others and took three coats to build up in the swatches you see here.  I think the holo is a little less noticeable than the others as well.

20131127_143216     20131127_143314


I was also sent two glitter topcoats!  Winter Skies is a sweet mix of a clear holo base with green and blue micro glitters.  I love how dainty the glitter pieces are...I am a little over it on gigantic glitter at the moment.  I layered two coats of Winter Skies over Barry M Turquoise:

20131127_151642     20131127_151612

The last polish I have to show you is Santa Baby, the pink and red version of Winter Skies, with similar sized glitters and a holo base.  I layered two coats over Dior Incognito (needed 4 coats of that.  To be discussed in a separate post!!!)  The formula of both glitter toppers is great, good base to glitter ratio.  Since the glitters are so small, they come out easily, no fishing or extra elbow grease required.

20131127_154248     20131127_154302

Overall, I am impressed with these polishes from Seven&Parker, including the base and topcoat.  You can check out Seven&Parker:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Literary Lacquers Community Collection! All 10 Polishes!

When I opened this package from Literary Lacquers, angels sang!!!!

Amy has created a 10 piece collection called the Community Collection, inspired by bloggers and polish friends. I was lucky enough to get mine, As The Waltz Was Ending, in November, and I blogged about it here! In case you forgot (although, I have NO idea how you could), check it out in all it's holo pink glory:


Unbeknownst to me, Amy went ahead and sent me THE REST OF THE COLLECTION!!!!!!! Shot of the whole gang:


Top row: My Red Hair, Thermodynamics, Phenomenal Woman, Shift of Fate, Camille Sepharial D'Artigo

Bottom row: Goodnight Moon, Love You Forever, As The Waltz Was Ending, 84, Charing Cross Road, Sidewalk's End

Below is the list I borrowed from Pointless Cafe of the descriptions:

84, Charing Cross Road - Sepia holo with silver glass fleck, designed by Sheila of Pointless Cafe 

As the Waltz Was Ending - Light purple crelly holo, designed by Lacey of My Boyfriend Hates Makeup

Camille Sepharial D'Artigo - Blurple base with silver and black holo glitter and a teal shift, designed by Courtney of

Goodnight Moon - Twilight blue jelly sandwich in a bottle with holo sparkle, silver glitter and blue and silver moons, designed by Tami of The Manicured Mermaid

Love You Forever - Medium blue crelly holo, designed by Crisdee Luna Michie

My Red Hair - Color shifting shimmer orange through copper into red, designed by Debbie of The Crumpet

Phenomenal Woman - Burgundy to purply shifty holo, designed by Jen  of Musings of the Wife of a Jedi

Shift of Fate - Green to gold shifty holo, designed by Olivia of Morning Nailspiration

Sidewalk's End - Sidewalk grey holo with multicolored glass fleck, designed by LA Salzy

Thermodynamics - Pinky-red jelly with blue glass fleck, designed by Sparkly Vernis

Let's go in order of my pic, shall we??

 First up, My Red Hair, two coats alone.  This has a great formula but Amy is tweaking it to make it even better.  I love the copper to pink shift:

20131123_171349     20131123_171233

Thermodynamics is next.  BEAUTIFUL cherry red, hot pink, I dont even know, amazing jelly with pink and blue looking flakies :

20131123_174049    20131123_174056

And over Wet&Wild Pom Pom Kelly and over Out The Door Black Hole:


Phenomenal Woman - oooh, oohh, sweet wine colored holo.  This is three coats, and flawless as all of LL holos are! I expect nothing less than perfection, and this is IT:

20131123_163758     20131123_163802

Shift of Fate.....................WOW.  I love this polish.  Three coats, stunning.  The green to gold shift is out of this world, the holo is so pretty and...Wow. Just, yes.  A whole lot of YES.  By far and away, one of my favorites of this collection:

20131125_194730     20131125_194720


Camille Sepharial D'Artigo is a purple jelly with black, purple, and holo glitters.  This is 3 coats and it's so much shinier in person!

20131122_222203     20131122_222509

Goodnight Moon, first, three coats alone - no undies, no topcoat.  This is truly a 'jelly sandwich in a bottle' and it has the perfect name!  The moons are so easy to get out of the bottle, you don't even have to look for them with the brush, just dab it in and get this:

20131125_201427     20131125_201351

And over 2 coats of Camille.  Easy galaxy nails right here:

20131123_151416     20131123_081818

Love You Forever is a super pretty blue holo.  Love the color!  I want to sponge some clouds over this next time, it's a lovely day sky blue color.  Three coats, perfect formula, lovely holo:

20131123_191556     20131123_191606

As The Waltz Was Ending.   Three coats, no topcoat.  Perfect.  I'll spare you more drooling and excessive adoration.  You know I love this polish, right?? :)

20131123_194850    20131123_194830

84, Charing Cross Road.  How gorgeous is this?  It is copper, it is neutral, it is gorgeous.  This is three coats with topcoat because I wore it when  was done swatching and did my other hand.  (Sidenote: You know it's THE ONE when the blogger ends the review with it so she can keep wearing it. AmIRight?)

20131125_215944     20131125_220041

I tried my first gradient with Waltz, of course. I thought it came out quite charming!


Sidewalk's End.  This is two coats over one thin coat of NYC Sidewalkers (or something like that. It's a good grey).   Sidewalk's End is the same perfect holo formula.  It is sheer though, with a strong silver base, so I recommend a grey creme (ta-daa) or something similar to showcase and not overpower the base:

20131125_195934 20131125_195944

AAAAAAAAHHHH. Are they not ALL stunning?? Obviously, I have a CLEAR favorite in Waltz, but my other faves are: Shift of Fate and 84, Charing Cross Road. Stunning, stunning, stunning. If you have yet to check out Literary Lacquers, you NNEEEDDD to rightnow.


Click HERE to check out Literary Lacquers on Facebook and HERE and see the etsy store HERE.

Lastly, to see ALL of my Literary Lacquers polishes, click HERE for my LitLac Roundup post!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sally Hansen Triple Shine: Blow Bubbles!

Have you seen the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes in your local drug stores lately?  I haven't, but Sam was nice enough to gift me with Blow Bubbles from the new line.

The most notable thing about the polish is the new bottle design.  I get that Sally likes to differentiate their types of polishes with different bottles, so this goes with their usual MO.  The cap is a two part cap, like butterLONDON.


The polish itself is not notable.  This is three thin coats and it certainly left plenty of visible nail line.  It dried pretty quickly since it came out thinly.  I see brush strokes and I see VNL.  I don't see it being any shinier than other polishes either.  This is not the best Sally Hansen has produced.



What do you think? Have you had a better experience with any of the colors from this line?


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Maybelline Brocade Polishes: Gilded Rose and Amethyst Couture

Today I have two Maybelline Brocade polishes to show you, Gilded Rose and Amethyst Couture.  There are 10 polishes in this collection, but naturally I gravitated towards the pinks and purples.

Gilded Rose is a gold based, pink and glitter polish.  This is three coats and topcoat.


Gilded Rose is much nicer than Amethyst Couture. This polish is thick, and not only because of the glitters but because it's just thick. It was fairly easy to work with but needed a decent amount of dry time. The finish is very shiny though, it is really pretty after all. Worth the hassle of application.


The macro shot:
And one last look:


Next up is Amethyst Couture. This is not worth the hassle of application. Take a look first, then we will talk about it.


I am not enthusiastic about this polish at all. This is two thick coats because it is impossible to get a thin coat. It is near black in some light, sorta kinda purple in others, and the gold that looks so apparent in the bottle is barely visible in real life. It actually shows up more in the photos than in read life, too. Total miss for me.


Here is the black-ish tone in the odd lighting:


And one more shot for good measure:


You can find Maybelline polishes in drug stores, WalMarts, etc, but I'm not sure I would recommend running to find these. Has anyone else tried them? Are any other colors better??



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