Thursday, October 3, 2013

Orly Pretty-Ugly and Aphrodite Lacquers VIP Room!

Don't you love when two polishes look like they were meant to be worn together?

Check out Orly Pretty-Ugly and Aphrodite Lacquers VIP Room:


Orly Pretty-Ugly was one of the Summer 2013 Mash Up collection polishes. It is a light aqua shimmer creme. The polish was a little sheer and the formula slightly three, but with three coats, it looked pretty flawless and opaque. I added two coats of Aphrodite VIP Room and a coat of HK Girl topcoat.


The slightly blue tinted base of VIP Room matched Pretty-Ugly pretty well! Hehe. VIP Room has iridescent squares, micro blue glitters, and truly shines in the light at any angle.


I must report that as of writing this post, the Aphrodite Lacquers shop is on vacation. I suggest scouring blog sales and pinterest sales to get your hands on this beauty!


PS: I know he will never see this, but Happy Birthday to my ex, still a very good friend of mine, and the namesake behind My Boyfriend Hates Makeup!

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