Monday, October 14, 2013

My First Island Girl Nail Polish: Molokai Dream - Mani Part 1

I am truly blessed to have met so many sweet women (and a few men!) in the nail polish community.

Thanks to the kindness of a polish pal, I am now - finally - the proud owner (hoarder) of two Island Girl nail polishes!  Thank you, Vicki!


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The macadamia nuts were awesome, and already gone, yum! The polishes are Hana Coast and Molokai Dream. You already know I reached for that pink first!


This is 3 coats of MD. This is a pretty inexpensive polish line, only $3 or so each, and the color is a neon, so 3 coats was expected. The first coat was streaky, the second coat was decent, and the third sealed the deal. The dry time was impressive. The polish dried a shiny matte but itself, almost a vinyl finish, but I added a coat of A Girl Obsessed's new topcoat, which I am testing.


It is a very feminine color, bright without being too loud, neon without being too neon. Closeup:


Pretty, right? There are a ton of Island Girl colors I'd love to try, so if you have the hookup on this polish, which is only sold in Hawaii and Las Vegas, please let me know! Contact me on Facebook HERE and on Instagram @Ljchrystal.


I do love this color, but I knew I had a perfect indie glitter to use with this...

Which indie polish did I pick!?!

Stay tuned until Wednesday to see the finished product - Part 2!


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  1. Brat! Seriously, that pink is super pretty. Makes your hands look tan and compliments your skin tone.


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