Friday, October 25, 2013

MBHM Attempts Nail Art: The Water Marble

LOL, before I write anything else, let me say: don't laugh. LOL.

 Just don't. I know I am clearly not the water marble champion of the world - Mucking Fusser is, holy moly her water marbles are stunnnnnnning - but I have to start somewhere, right?

I have long feared the watermarble! It's messy, it takes forever. Would I be able to get it perfectly? No, of course not. But I went to a wedding mid-August, wore a cute purple dress, and decided a purple/white watermarble would be a perfect nail look to compliment the dress.


For me, I found out a couple things by trial and error:

  • I prefer warmer water to lukewarm or room temp. 
  •  It is a good idea to individually test a few polishes in each color before committing. Knowing ahead of time which polishes will spread well and which won't totally helps the process. 
  •  Toothpicks make designs better than dotting tools, which are too thick. 
  •  Work quickly!! 
  •  The messier a design looks in the cup, the cuter it seems to look on the nail.


Close up!


Eeeek!  #meandmynails
For my second attempt, I wanted to do a rainbow watermarble:


For some reason, even though every attempt had all the colors, I kept get concentrations of specific colors. I don't like a majority of these, but I did like these two, shown below. I am also having trouble with air bubbles...any suggestions??


More recently, I went to see the Allman Brothers in concert on August 24th in Connecticut. I did my nails the night before the show and I couldn't decide if I was going to wear a red or maroon shirt with my jeans. I figured a red, white, maroon, and black watermarble would look great. I ended up wearing a black tshirt and then hoodie (Connecticut summer nights get CHILLY, I forgot about that!) but my nails still matched well.

My left hand came out alright. I top coated too soon and smudged my pinky:


My right hand came out much better! Check out that pinky and ring finger:


And both hands!


I can def use some tips and advice!! Please LIKE MyBoyfriendHatesMakeup on Facebook and let me know if you can help me out! Please leave me your pics and WM attempts, too, I'd love to see them! Oh, oh, or tag me on Instagram, too. Follow HERE and I'll follow back!


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