Wednesday, October 9, 2013

KNICKS MANI For My First Knicks Game! Zoya Dream & Femme Fatale Lacquer New York Knicks

KNICKS SEASON!!!!!!! In celebration of being back on the east coast where I am much more likely to enjoy regular Knicks programming, check it out:


The base is two coats of Zoya Dream from the Winter 2013 Zenith collection. By itself, it looks like this, below, and is a flawless polish. It is, by far, my favorite from the Zenith collection.


The topcoat is two coats of New York Knicks by Femme Fatale Lacquer. FFL is based out of NYC, so it is very fitting that she made this polish. NYK is a blue and orange glitter topper in a clear base.


Love the combo!! So excited for my first Knicks game!! I am sure I'll be posting pics, so follow me on instgram: @LJChrystal if you want to see more!


You can find Femme Fatale Lacquer on Big Cartel HERE and on Facebook HERE.


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