Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Island Girl Mani Part 2: The Indie Glitter Topper!

Recently, I showed you Molokai Dream, a light pink neon by a new-to-me brand called Island Girl.  I did love the color solo, but I knew I had the perfect indie to add on.

I HATE the winter and the cold weather that is no doubt approaching here in Connecticut, so I thought a spring-y mani might make me feel warmer.

It didn't.

But I do like this combo!  What do you think?


Does the bottle and label give it away for you?

The gradient glitter topper is none other than Magic Meadow, by Liquid Sky Lacquer. (Thank you, Patricia, for this polish!) I have shown you Carolyn's holos before, but her glitter toppers also hold a special place in my heart!


It is tough to give you a coat count when I was dipping and dabbing at the base to pool it in while I dragged out slightly to create the gradient.


 The consistency, however, is worth noting because even though this is a glitter bomb, the base is thin enough and the polish very easy to work with!


Although Island Girl polishes are tough to hunt down, Liquid Sky Lacquer is easy to find! You can find the brand on Facebook HERE and on etsy HERE.


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