Friday, October 18, 2013

Glitter Me This: Plastic Flamingos!

I know this has happened to you, too.

You know the feeling when you finally pick up a polish that has been in your "to try" pile forever, and when you finally swatch it, you want to smack yourself in the forehead for not picking it up sooner?



This is two coats of FP over Out The Door Black Hole, which has quickly become myy go-to swatching black polish. It is a ONE coat, full coverage, perfect black creme - you'll see a review coming up soon on that. FP came to me IN AUGUST from the fabulous Nicole of Glitter Me This for my birthday (Thanks, Nicole!) and I was dense enough to pick it up just recently. UGH!!

You should follow her Facebook page, HERE, and check in especially on a Wednesday for her On Wednesdays We Wear Pink series!!

20130928_163923     20130928_163919

The polish itself is great. This is two coats, no topcoat. No fishing required, and good coverage for two coats.


You can find Glitter Me This on Facebook HERE and on etsy HERE.


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