Monday, October 28, 2013

Essie Haute As Hello & A Girl Obsessed Flutter Shy: Is This My Perfect Peach?

I have a new found love for Essie polish.   The creme formulas are really flawless and most apply in 2 coats..sometimes 3, I know, I know.  I am still attempting to protest the cold and I realized I haven't posted this yet, so let's go!

So, all summer long I was on the quest for a perfect peach for my skin tone. I was very excited to pick up this peachy summery shade, Haute As Hello...but was so disappointed to see it on the nail.


Look at the difference between the bottle and the nails.

HAH is orange on the nail but peach in the bottle. I want the color in the bottle. I do not want the color that ended up on my nails. It just looks orange as Halloween day on my nails, so I guess it's appropo to post, but it is not the right color for my skin tone.


However, adding 2 coats of Flutter Shy on my accent nail made this mani bearable and wearable for a day. Flutter Shy is from A Girl Obsessed, which you can find on Facebook  and etsy!

I decided to swap this little puppy away, since the color is just NFM, not for me.

The search for a perfect peach continues!

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