Sunday, October 20, 2013

Color Club Polishes: Ultra-Astral & Age of Aquarius

On a recent trip to a beauty supply store, I found some Color Club polishes.  The display did not have the Halo Hues (boo!) but it did have some vibrant solid colors that looked worth picking up.

Today I have Ultra-Astral, a bright and sparkly pink neon, and Age of Aquarius, a perfect and vibrant, almost neon, aqua or even jade like color.  Let's check out Ultra-Astral first, since you know I love pink!


This is stunning! It is a true neon, drying slightly matte. The sparkles make it dry quickly, and this is two coats with topcoat. I used HK Girl for this mani:

20131005_180159     20131005_180140

I added a mermaid decal by SuperModCustomZ on etsy, a cute mermaid:

20131005_214205     20131005_214028

Next up, check out Age of Aquarius. I love this color! It is almost neon in color but has the consistency of a creme. This is two AND A HALF coats, as I did experience some slightly dragging that required a third-ish coat in a few spots:


Such a great shade! I know I'll pick this up again and again:

20131011_173731     20131011_173759

One last look:


Well, if you're in CT, I can tell you where I found this, but otherwise, I am not sure! I know you can find the Halos on Amazon, so I would check there for other colors as well.

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