Friday, October 11, 2013

Avant Garde Lacquer: Swagger Jagger - Black & White Glitter Polish!!

Loving this most recent entry into the Black & White Glitter vault! (Actually, it's not there yet, LOL, but it will be ASAP!)

Today I have a new to me indie brand for you called Avant Garde Lacquer, and since I am friends with the creator, she (so appropriately!) sent me a black and white glitter to review. (Brilliant, honestly!)

Check out Swagger Jagger!


This is two coats of Swagger Jagger over Color Club Age of Aquarius. SJ is a mix of black and white glitters, hexes, bars, micro glitters, in a clear base. There is zero fishing required and a good glitter to base ration. Dry time is good since the base is not thick at all. This is two thin coats, no topcoat:

20131011_174531     20131011_174502

I know you want to see the closeup!


I am really loving this over the green...teal...jade, whatever this is! Swagger Jagger would look great over everything, as good black and white glitters tend to do.


Avant Garde Lacquer has JUST opened up, so it's a great time to check out the brand and check out the opening sales. You can find Avant Garde Lacquer on Facebook HERE and on her standalone site HERE.


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