Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Girl Obsessed Frankie Stein! (& Test Subject #9!)

How about a little A Girl Obsessed with your Sunday morning coffee?

Today, and tomorrow actually, I have some A Girl Obsessed polishes for you!  Today I have Frankie Stein, which has been in her shop before, and tomorrow I have a couple of NEW polishes for you!  Let's take a look!


Frankie Stein is a clear based large glitter topper.  It is filled with neon green stars, pink, white, black, blue large hex and black, white, and blue mini hex.  This is two coats of Frankie over Ciate Candy Floss, which I'll show you later.  


Since these are some huge glitter pieces, it does take a little bottle spinning to get some of them out, and I def did slide a few pieces around the nail.


Application was great, dry time was normal for a big ole glitter bomb like this. With all the colors in Frankie, it would look great over pretty much any color! Last look!


And, here is a secret polish, which isn't for sale! This is Test Subject #9. I loove the color combo, and I hope Sam reformulates this baby (HINTHINTHINHINT) for her store:


Hehe, I love this one!

You can find A Girl Obsessed polishes on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE.

Hope you're having a great Sunday!


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