Monday, September 23, 2013

Zoya Zenith Winter 2013 6 Polish Review!

Oh, Zoya!

This 6 piece winter collection is on fire!!  I am in love with every shade! Zoya did the most amazing job.  Let's check them out.


Top row: Mosheen, Dream, Payton.  Bottom row: Cassedy, Seraphina, Belinda

First up, the silvers!  Here is Cassedy, described as a "Celestial Pewter Metallic."  This is two coats, no topcoat.  I had no issues at all with application, and dry time was normal if not slightly longer than normal.  The formula is great and there are no visible brush strokes, thank goodness!!

I am going to post a comparison of Claudine, a Fall 2013 Satin polish, and Cassedy in the next couple days.  How similar are they? Stay tuned!

20130920_203300      20130920_203147

Next, the lighter, almost platinum silver polish, Seraphina.  I love the ultra fine particles in here that really give it some depth.  This is three coats as it is more sheer than Cassedy:

20130920_211659        20130920_211635

Next up is Belinda, which blends right in with the Satin Collection from Fall 2013. This is two coats of Belinda, no topcoat.  It is a full coverage color and performs really well:

20130920_205211     20130920_205153

HALO POLISHES!!!!!! You have GOT TO SEE Dream.  It is, literally, a dream polish.  BIG pics for this one.  The site describes it as a "Deep Space" blue, and I do agree, it would make a great background for a galaxy mani:



Next up is Payton, a deep cranberry halo.  Look for a comparison/dupe post of Payton v. Aurora..Do you need both? YES, lol.

20130920_214411      20130920_214231

And, last but not least, glitter topper Mosheen.  Yes, there are mini bars, but the minis are pretty easy to work with and adorable.  My favorite combo was Seraphina topped with Mosheen, two coats of each, no topcoat shown:

20130920_212810     20130920_212805

This is two coats of Mosheen over black:

20130920_220619     20130920_220657

This is two coats of Mosheen over Cassedy and Belinda:

20130920_203645      20130920_205557

Aren't these just gorgeous?!!? My favorite, by far and away, is:


DREAM!!  Oooh, love, love, love this polish!  After I finished swatching, I went back and put this on to wear.  These polishes are available at and will be released October 1.

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  1. This collection is flawless,simply put. I don't even care about any other retail lines coming out this winter.


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