Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zoya Dupes? Aurora v. Payton and Claudine v. Cassedy

After reviewing the Zoya Zenith collection, I decided to pull out a few others from my every growing Zoya collection and compare them.

From the Zenith collection, I was thinking perhaps that Payton was similar to Zoya Aurora, from Winter 2012.  Just from the bottle shots, you can clearly see there is NO dupe here.  Take a look:


And on the nail:


Closer up, it is even easier to see. Aurora is a brighter, more wisteria purple. Payton is a much deeper, appropriately described cranberry.


You officially need BOTH of these. Both are flawless, two coaters, and so, so sparkly.

Next up! I was thinking that Cassedy may resemble Claudine, from the Fall 2013 Satin collection. Bottle shot first:


Pretty close in the bottle, right? Let's see it on the nail:


Claudine is on the middle and pinky fingers. Cassedy is on the ring and index fingers. Both are lovely two coaters, but clearly, much different in the finish. If you love grey, you might want both. If you're not such a fan, you may want one or the other. Personally, I'd pick Cassedy for the pewter, jewel like finish.


What do you think of these polishes?


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