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Literary Lacquers: Literary Liquors Collection! Available September 5th!

Mark your calendars!!

Literary Lacquers, a champion of amazing holos, is releasing her Fall collection, Literary Liquors, on September 5th!

Per Amy: The collection is called Literary Liquors and it consists of 5 holos and 1 glitter top coat. It's being launched on September 5 at 12:00 pm MDT. Full size bottles are $10 each and the entire collection will be available at a discounted price of $55.

The collection is inspired by famous drinks inspired by famous books.  Here is a group shot of all 6, which Amy kindly sent me for review (and to love and squeeze and name my Squishy).


First up, I'm Drinking Stars. I am IN LOVE with this polish! A nude holo?! Yes, yes, yes!


Ignore the cuticles, please. This swatch is three coats of IDS, as it is very sheer. The formula is perfect and dry time is really fast! This polish is described as:

I'm Drinking Stars - "Champagne linear holo, opaque at 3 coats or a 
fabulous holo top coat at one coat over pretty much anything, this is
 not a golden champagne, but a neutral pale taupe. Inspired by Still 
Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins."


Next up is Jack Rose, a perfect copper. This is also three coats and HK Girl tocoat:


Jack Rose - "Warm coppery brown holo, kind of the 
color of magical apple cider. Inspired by The Sun Also 
Rises by Ernest Hemingway."


Next! One of my favorites, Strawberry Ice Cream Soma:


It is described as:
 "Strawberry Ice Cream Soma - Warm pink crelly
 holo - I call this one of my "office holos." Indoors,
it's a shimmery pink with a touch of purple shimmer,
 in the sun or bright light a full linear holo rainbow emerges.
 Inspired by Brave New World by Aldous Huxley."


Dandielion Wine is a very unique color!! This is two coats of DW and topcoat. The description reads:

"Dandelion Wine - Mustard golden yellow holo with
 orangey-pinky color shift, I'm describing this as the 
color that you remember summer as when you look 
back after the weather has gotten cold. Inspired by 
Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury."


One more stunner holo!!!! Pan Galatic Gargle Blaster is a stunning color!! Two coats, plus topcoat, and you get this:


Describing this one was tough, even for the creator! Amy says:

"Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster - Hmmm... I'm just not really
 sure how to describe this specific shade of blue. It's a rich
 blue (that's also a little on the warm side but not so much 
that I'd call it teal) holo with added holo glitter. Inspired by 
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams."


I love those colors!! HOWEVER! Amy also included....are you sitting down?.... A BLACK AND WHITE GLITTER TOPPER!!! Yes!! Take a look:


This is two coats of Two At The Very Most over Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth. Two At The Very Most is described as:

 "Two At the Very Most - Martini top coat - Black hexes,
 white squares, gunmetal hexes, silver chrome hexes so shiny 
that they reflect light like a disco ball, a touch of holographic
 microglitter and added green circle glitters (for the olives,
 of course!) This polish is inspired by the martini, literature's
 most beloved cocktail. The name refers to the quatrain 
attributed to Dorothy Parker:
 I like to have a martini, 
Two at the very most. 
At three I'm under the table, 
At four I'm under the host!"

Close up!


I have been um, attempting to learn to water marble lately, and I thought to myself, why not try with holos??


Well, the answer is, in case you're wondering, as my brills friend Sam told me, holos are heavier polishes b/c of their ingredients. No wonder drops were sinking in the dixie cup. I did get one good try out of the deal, but it took a while and I am still learning, so be gentle with your comments, please and thank you!


Sorry but not sorry for the amount of photos in this post. Literary Lacquers polishes are too photogenic to not go a little overboard with the snapshots.

 These are the type of polishes where you spend more time than you care to admit staring at your nails when your wear them. I know you know what I mean!!

The Literary Liquors collection will be available September 5th in her store and you can always find updates, pics, and more on her Facebook page as well.


PS: You can find Two At The Very Most in my black and white glitter vault! Click HERE to enter the vault!

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