Monday, September 16, 2013

KB Shimmer Grayscale: Another Entry Into The Black And White Glitter Vault!

Another entry into the black and white glitter vault!  I never get tired of these posts, and I hope you don't, either (because they are coming ALL WEEK LONG!!)

You can also find KB Shimmer Grayscale in the Black and White Glitter vault, seen HERE!


My swatch shows two coats of Grayscale over Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth. Grayscale has a great formula and glitter-to-base ratio. Dry time was decent. HK Girl topcoat was used to smooth this down, but it didn't need much effort to lay flat at all.


On the website, Grayscale is described as:

"Grayscale is my ode to the black and white trend. 
 Black, White, and Gray glitters are suspended in a 
clear base. Circles, hexes, rectangles, and squares
 in so many sizes make this an interesting topper
 over almost any polish you currently own."


I loved the grey mixed in with the black and white. This is unique among my (crazily growing) black and white toppers.


You can find KB Shimmer polish and other beauty products on their store site HERE and you can always find more info, pics, and giveaways on their Facebook page here.


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