Friday, September 6, 2013

Kawaii Nail Lacquers Round Up!!

I am in the mood for another "Round Up" style post, where I show you my collection of a particular indie brand.  I hope you like these posts!

I figure it is a good way to introduce you to an indie brand that I LOVE and a good way to check out quite a few of their polishes.

My first Round Up post was of the fabulous Literary Lacquers, and I need to add the Fall 2013's to that post, actually, so thank's for reminding me! :)

Today, let's look at the glittery goodness of Kawaii!!!!!!  AAH! Where to start! I've got glitter toppers, creme bases, and holo topcoat to show you!!

By collection makes sense, I think, or by color...whatever!

Check out Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury, a perfect collection for this brand!

Sailor Mars

Sailor Mercury
Throwback to the FIRST Kawaii I ever purchased, Pink Blizzard:

Pink Blizzard

Let's stick with pinks!!

Dance, Pink, Dance
Be My Shortcake
Purple fits here, too:
Purple Chaos
And, the best PINK of all, and a personal favorite of mine! This is my 2013 Birthday polish, #PinkSince83:

White based glitters next:

When 8 Becomes 2 Zeros
Siberian Kiss
Strawberry Gash
Electric Connection
Stars and Dots
And, for the glitter in a clear base, wear these over everything lovers:

Starlight, Starbright
Disco Party
Dots All About It
Fairy Lust
There you have it! My EVER growing collection of Kawaii! You can find Kawaii on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE and obviously, right here, on My Boyfriend Hates Makeup, too.


PS: If you want to see more in depth reviews of each of the polishes mentioned above, go:
HERE (Strawberry Gashes, Siberian Kiss, and When 8 Becomes 2 Zeros, & my BDAY Polish),
HERE (stars and dots and dots all about it),
HERE (electric connection and fairy lust),
HERE (sailor mars),
HERE (sailor mars) and
HERE (pink blizzard).

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