Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kawaii Nail Lacquer: Be My Shortcake, Dance Pink Dance, & Let It Shine Holo Topcoat!

Recently, I was perusing the Kawaii Nail Lacquer store to pick up a full size of Let It Shine, her holo topcoat, and came across a lovely pink polish, Be My Shortcake, and knew I had to have it, too! My package arrived very quickly and low and behold, I had a surprise polish in there called Dance Pink Dance...which is officially one of my favorite polishes, ever! Thank you, Jamie!! Here is both pink polishes together, since I was going PhotoGrid app happy on my phone:


First, Be My Shortcake:


This is two coats of BMS over one coat of Zoya Zanna. The formula of BMS is impeccable. I actually messaged Jamie to say the glitter was leaping off the brush like dolphins frolicking in the ocean. Yes, I know I am a nerd. :)

It is described as:

 A light bubblegum pink creme base with 
lime green small squares and hexs, fine hot
 pink glitter, small and medium hot pink hexs, 
small magenta holo circles and hot pink butterflies!!!"


Dance Pink Dance must've been hiding on me in the store, otherwise I would've already owned this baby. This polish is now in my favorites cabinet. It is flawless in application. My swatch shows two coats of tea beauty Lavender Sugar:


You should be far from surprised that I love this polish and color combo.


"It's a baby pink creme base with very small 
pale pink, magenta and purple hexs, small purple
 hexs, small magenta circles, and medium turquoise squares!"


Let It Shine is a holo topcoat. Here it is over hot pink:


And here is Let It Shine over Dance Pink Dance:


You can find Kawaii Lacquer on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE. The next collection coming out of boardgame inspired and I am so excited for those!



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