Sunday, September 8, 2013

China Glaze Fall 2013: Autumn Nights - Tongue & Chic, Scandalous Shenanigans, and Red-y & Willing

Happy Sunday!

Just yesterday, literally September 7th, I received a somewhat unexpected press sample package in the mail FROM CHINA GLAZE!!!!!!!!

It contained 3 China Glaze polishes from the Fall 2013 collection called Autumn Nights:


From left to right:

  • Scandalous Shenanigans
  • Red-Y & Willing
  • Tongue & Chic

They are all beautiful shades for the fall and the upcoming Christmas holiday as well.  The formula on these metallic-y polishes was surprising - they are pretty much ONE coaters and they dried very quickly!  My swatches show two coats, for full coverage sake, and Seche Vite was used as topcoat ONLY on the Tongue & Chic (because I kept this one on, it's SO pretty) color.  The other two don't have topcoat.

First up, Scandalous Shenanigans. I am going to show you flash and no flash side-by-sides. I am having trouble avoiding flash glare with metallic polishes. China Glaze describes this as "rich blue" and it is. As with all metallic polishes, you're prone to brush strokes, but topcoat helps that a bit:

20130907_175415        20130907_175431

Come closer, please:

20130907_175347         20130907_175505

And one macro, with flash:


Next up, Red-Y & Willing. This is a great color and immediately made me think of Christmas. This is truly a one coater, opaque and easy to work with, but my swatches show two coats. My camera behaved much better on this one so these pics do have flash.


So pretty, right? Come a little closer:


And the macro shot:


Last up is the polish I chose to LEAVE ON after swatching, so you know this is my hands down favorite:

20130907_200226        20130907_200310

Tongue & Chic is a stunning emerald polish with a deep shimmer. In these swatches, Seche Vite topcoat is used over two coats of polish.


This is a dark polish for me but the emerald is so strong, I love it.



And let's end with one more macro:


You can find China Glaze at places like Sally and on their website. You can also find it on Head2Toe and other beauty supply online stores for a great price. I have been a China Glaze fan for a while now and these polishes only make the heart grow fonder!!


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