Monday, September 2, 2013

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: One More With Feeling Collection Available September 6th!

I have been a Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer fan for a while now and I am so excited Julie has decided to start making her polishes available to everyone!

In January of 2013, I won a giveaway on her page that included 6 polishes of her own creation...You can check out First Frost, You Are Not Alone, and Skating In The Snow by clicking on their names. Since then, the demand for her pretties has only risen and finally, they are available via order form only. Contact her on Facebook HERE for more info!! And you can find the order form by clicking this link.

Oh! She also donated a bottle of the amazing neon glitter topper, Self Satisfied, in my 2,000 Followers FB Giveaway and she also sent me one because she's very sweet!!


Coming on September 6, you can pick up the Once More With Feeling Collection! I was sent three gorgeous polishes to review:



"The Once More with Feeling collection will be released on September 6th. I don’t have a set time, though, since it will just be an update to the existing order form. Since this is an order form system, there won’t be any cart jacking. Please note, also, that I fill orders as they come. If I don’t send out an invoice immediately, it will be sent as soon as I’ve reached your order in the queue. This means that there may be a delay between submitting the form and receiving an invoice. However, all polishes will be restocked for a while, so everyone should have plenty of time to purchase them."

Group shot of the whole gang, for your viewing pleasure:


First up, Tact Is Just Not Saying True Stuff. I'll Pass:


This is three thin coats of Tact with HK Girl topcoat. The holo effect is gorgeous and this will make a great base for holiday nail art. The dry time was really quick and the formula easy to work with. The description reads:

 "Tact is Just Not Saying True Stuff. I’ll Pass: 
Based off of the self-absorbed and yet oddly 
heroic Cordelia Chase. Nude leaning taupe 
linear holo with green flash."


Here is The Scoobies, two coats over Sinful Colors Black on Black and Out The Door Red (review coming soon - Yes, Out The Door, famous for fast drying topcoat, now has a matte topcoat and colored polishes!!):


It is described as:

The Scoobies: the gang’s self-styled moniker to 
describe their meetings to discuss strategies and 
status of “the big bad” in Sunnydale. Clear base 
with red micro flakies, burgandy micro glitters, 
hexes and squares in burgundy, caramel, gunmetal
 and red, with red holo hearts, silver holo moons, 
and tiny black stars.

My swatches have two coats and topcoat. This polish was more difficult to work with, compared to the flawless holos. This polish is full of glitters, so its noticeably thicker. The moons came out easily, the hearts were a little fussy, but I didn't have luck with the stars this time around.



I have saved my favorite for last, as I often do! Love Makes You Do The Wacky is a soft purple holo, it is a sweet and vibrant color at the same time. I love a purple, pastel holo! The formula is flawless and this is three coats with topcoat:


This polish is described as:

 "Love Makes You Do the Wacky: Based
 off of Willow Rosenberg, the most bad-assed 
witch around. Dusty purple linear holo with fuchsia flash."


Love this one!

To see more from this brand, follow her:

Sales FB: Blog FB: Blog: Twitter: @blueeyedlawyer; Instagram: @blueeyedlawyer;

xoxo, Lacey

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