Monday, September 30, 2013

Yes, There Is Orange Polish On My Blog!! OPI: A Roll In The Hague

I have posted over 500 times (wow!) according to Blogger, and I am 99% sure this is the first orange polish on this blog!! It is a great time to show you OPI A Roll In The Hague, which came out last year, since Fall has just set in. Since I am back in Connecticut, fall and winter are inevitable. Let's keep the sun shining a little longer with this happy polish.


My swatches show two coats with HK Girl topcoat. If I could whistle (and I can't), I would wolf-whistle at this polish. It is stunning. I KNOW. An orange polish. And I love it. Who am I?


Here it is without flash, still bright and vibrant:


Close up!


I am sure you already know where to find OPI so I will skip that. Although, I have recently seen OPI at CVS, that is noteworthy. Have you seen it at your local CVS? Other than that, find it at Ulta, Sallys (right?) and CosmoProf.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Polish Addict Round Up Post!

It was about time that I re-swatched my Polish Addict colors!  As a fairly newb blogger, I believe (and sincerely hope and try really hard!!) that my nail swatches and photos are only getting better over time.

The fabulous Laura of Polish Addict was one of the first indies I swatched for (thanks, Laura!) and I wanted to try my PA colors all over again.  So glad I did!

First, check out Island Girl.

This is a super shiny polish!  I am horrible at describing polishes, but this one is flawless, barely needs words...but let me try, LOL. This is just two coats of Island Girl, no undies. The base is a shimmery light coral. There are brown and gold glitters, rose colored glitter, maybe a holo shimmer? .


Beautiful, right? Closeup needed:


One more:


Black Tie Parade is a squishy black jelly with loads of hex glitters in various colors and sizes. This is two coats of BTP over one coat of Out The Door Black Tie.


Another shot:


And, lastly, Unicorn Love is a creamy, light blue/light greenish base polish filled with micro glitters of every color. This is one sweet polish. This is two coats over China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On:


It is so glitter filled that it does need one coat of topcoat to make it super smooth. Dry time is great, application is great, too. The base to glitter ratio is perfect and it goes on the nail nicely.


You can find Polish Addict on her standalone site HERE and on Facebook HERE.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nicole By OPI: Tink's In The Pink & Kawaii Lacquer Let It Shine Holo Topcoat

Let It Shine, the holo topcoat created by Kawaii Lacquer, works over every.single.color.  Here it is shown over Nicole By OPI, nOPI for short, Tink's In The Pink:


Sigh. It almost...if you squint...squint really hard, it kind of, sort of, maybe a little looks like a major lemming of mine, Enchanted Polish I'm Kind Of A Big Deal. I said a little, LOL.

It is very pretty on it's own, without being compared to the EP.


For some reason, I forgot to take a close up, but check out the beautiful rainbow on the nail.


You can find nOPI products at Walmart and CVS, etc. You can find Kawaii Lacquer HERE on etsy and HERE on Facebook.

I am a HUGE Kawaii Lacquer fan. You can see my Kawaii Round Up post (all of my Kawaii swatches in one convenient location) by clicking HERE.



Friday, September 27, 2013

Mentality Polish: Duchess - Matte, Pink, and Delightful!

Be still my pink-loving heart!

 Love matte polish, love indie polish, and love pink polish (like me)?

You might want to sit down before reading the rest of this!

This is Duchess by Mentality Polish. It made me go O_O when I saw it dry in it's matte perfection:


This is two coats of Duchess, no top coat. It dries matte, just like this!


The finish is so satiny smooth!


One last look:


You can find Mentality on etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE.

Do you have a fave Mentality color?? Let me know on Facebook!



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zoya Dupes? Aurora v. Payton and Claudine v. Cassedy

After reviewing the Zoya Zenith collection, I decided to pull out a few others from my every growing Zoya collection and compare them.

From the Zenith collection, I was thinking perhaps that Payton was similar to Zoya Aurora, from Winter 2012.  Just from the bottle shots, you can clearly see there is NO dupe here.  Take a look:


And on the nail:


Closer up, it is even easier to see. Aurora is a brighter, more wisteria purple. Payton is a much deeper, appropriately described cranberry.


You officially need BOTH of these. Both are flawless, two coaters, and so, so sparkly.

Next up! I was thinking that Cassedy may resemble Claudine, from the Fall 2013 Satin collection. Bottle shot first:


Pretty close in the bottle, right? Let's see it on the nail:


Claudine is on the middle and pinky fingers. Cassedy is on the ring and index fingers. Both are lovely two coaters, but clearly, much different in the finish. If you love grey, you might want both. If you're not such a fan, you may want one or the other. Personally, I'd pick Cassedy for the pewter, jewel like finish.


What do you think of these polishes?


Monday, September 23, 2013

Zoya Zenith Winter 2013 6 Polish Review!

Oh, Zoya!

This 6 piece winter collection is on fire!!  I am in love with every shade! Zoya did the most amazing job.  Let's check them out.


Top row: Mosheen, Dream, Payton.  Bottom row: Cassedy, Seraphina, Belinda

First up, the silvers!  Here is Cassedy, described as a "Celestial Pewter Metallic."  This is two coats, no topcoat.  I had no issues at all with application, and dry time was normal if not slightly longer than normal.  The formula is great and there are no visible brush strokes, thank goodness!!

I am going to post a comparison of Claudine, a Fall 2013 Satin polish, and Cassedy in the next couple days.  How similar are they? Stay tuned!

20130920_203300      20130920_203147

Next, the lighter, almost platinum silver polish, Seraphina.  I love the ultra fine particles in here that really give it some depth.  This is three coats as it is more sheer than Cassedy:

20130920_211659        20130920_211635

Next up is Belinda, which blends right in with the Satin Collection from Fall 2013. This is two coats of Belinda, no topcoat.  It is a full coverage color and performs really well:

20130920_205211     20130920_205153

HALO POLISHES!!!!!! You have GOT TO SEE Dream.  It is, literally, a dream polish.  BIG pics for this one.  The site describes it as a "Deep Space" blue, and I do agree, it would make a great background for a galaxy mani:



Next up is Payton, a deep cranberry halo.  Look for a comparison/dupe post of Payton v. Aurora..Do you need both? YES, lol.

20130920_214411      20130920_214231

And, last but not least, glitter topper Mosheen.  Yes, there are mini bars, but the minis are pretty easy to work with and adorable.  My favorite combo was Seraphina topped with Mosheen, two coats of each, no topcoat shown:

20130920_212810     20130920_212805

This is two coats of Mosheen over black:

20130920_220619     20130920_220657

This is two coats of Mosheen over Cassedy and Belinda:

20130920_203645      20130920_205557

Aren't these just gorgeous?!!? My favorite, by far and away, is:


DREAM!!  Oooh, love, love, love this polish!  After I finished swatching, I went back and put this on to wear.  These polishes are available at and will be released October 1.

Thanks for stopping by!



Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Girl Obsessed: Varnished Reputation - The Polish!!

Warning!  There's going to be a lot of LOVE going on with this post.

Here are a few things I love:

1.  I love A Girl Obsessed indies.  You may already know the Sam is my pal in real life, too. :)
2. I love Varnished Reputation, the blog.  Jayme, the blogger, rocks!
3.  I LOVE custom polishes and limited edition polishes.
4.  Lastly, I love giveaways - like the one Jamie is hosting on her page! (and through IG). It ends Sept 27, so make sure to enter.  You could win THIS:


This is Varnished Reputation, a custom by A Girl Obsessed and designed by Samantha and Jayme! I am soo lucky to be one of the very, very few bottle holders! Close up?


This is two coats of VR over Morgan Taylor Birthday Suit. A separate review is coming soon of the Morgan Taylor polish, so I'll hold my thoughts on that for now. I also added two coats of the possibly-soon-to-be new topcoat by A Girl Obsessed!


Make sure you're following Varnished Reputation on Facebook to find out more about the is an INSTAGRAM based giveaway, FYI, but go to Jayme's FB to learn more.



Saturday, September 21, 2013

Enchanted Polish: Seven Nation Army - Black & White Glitter!!

You already know that this polish has already been entered into the Black & White Glitter Vault, which you can see by clicking on the link.

Seven Nation Army, an awesome ROAK from my friend Amy (thank you, Amy!!) and made by Enchanted Polish, is a black and white micro glitter topper with a light holo throughout:

Here it is over Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, the lilac I use in my b&w comparison shots in the vault:


I was wearing Orly Highliter when it arrived, so of course I added Seven Nation Army immediately to check it out:


The closeup shows the faint holo. The holo makes this unique in my black and white collection:


I also tried it out over Silly But Sensible, a Seche Vite color that is fairly new to the market:


It looks like a cinnamon latte with whipped creme and chocolate bits or something. Maybe a fall leaf pile after a day of raking. I love this combo!


You can find Enchanted Polish on their standalone site HERE or on Llarowe and other indie carriers. My biggest lemming right now is I'm Kind Of A Big Deal by Enchanted, so I am hoping there's a restock soon!


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