Monday, August 12, 2013

Long Island Nail Meet Up Field Trip!!!!

I should warn you right now - this is going to be a photo-heavy post. On August 5th, Samantha of A Girl Obsessed and I took a field trip to a Nail Meetup in Long Island!!!

It was held at a hotel conference room and had a great mix of new nail trends, techniques, and products.



Glitters for acrylic nails and Tammy Taylor's polish line, bottom of the pic:


Sam looks cute here, I look like it's Christmas morning...but it pretty much was!


Patty Yankee is a celeb nail stylist who created (I think) Neil Veils, shown at the bottom of the pic in the little tubs.  More on these shortly!!


I picked up a bunch of great samples, including these cutie bunnies by Vinyl Stickers by Sam!


I also ended up with 4 demo-nails, as you'll see.  First up is gelcolor, OPI's gel polish line.  This is a great gel  to try because OPI makes matching polishes, which helps if you get a nick and don't have time to go back to the salon:


Next I went a little wild!  A really sweet woman from Michigan did this free formed acrylic nail with a crazy design!  She also gave me my first stiletto do people exist with nails this long OR in this shape?!!?  I felt so helpless, LOL.


Finished product.  Look at this craziness!  Pretty though, isn't it?


Here is her biz card!  Thanks, Pam!


Next, I went to the IBD booth where they did my middle finger with hard gel and a cute design:


Finished look:


And my pinky, which I didn't get an action shot of because my phone died, has hard gel with texture glitter and a gel overlay.  (Sam, correct me if I said anything wrong, please!)


I made a few purchases and picked up an amazing group of samples!!  This pic also shows a quick trip to the beauty supply store (because what's a better way to end a day at a polish convention!?) and my HK Girl topcoat nailmail from Monday as well.


AAAAAAAAHH!  At the end of the convention, there was a raffle and quite a few awesome prizes given out!  Sam and I won a gel polish kit and a few of the Patty Yankee Nail Veils!!!!!  I was so stoked! I planned to buy one of these but the booth was packed up and gone before I had a chance, so I am super excited to own two gorgeous thumb veils (a la Katy Perry).


I ONLY offered to be the convention guinea pig if Sam could take off the madness right after!!  On Wednesday, I headed up to her school for some finger nail TLC.  She did an awesome job removing the 4 different types of nails/polishes/craziness/ohmygod on my fingers.


I am happy to say, everything came off quite easily and my nails look awesome again, so thank you Sam!! 

Hope you enjoyed my pics!! I had a great time, met a lot of fabulous people, and hope to go back next year! ;)



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  1. I live close to where the convention was. I want to go next year with you guys....please! I can't get in myself cuz I'm not a pro. I can meet you there. Think about it....:)


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