Friday, August 2, 2013

Literary Lacquers Round Up!!

I have decided I am going to do some "round up" type posts with a few of my favorite indie companies. New collections come and go...but some keep a few polishes as core staples to their line. Other makers may discontinue a color, but may have some glitter leftover, so sometimes - just sometimes - you may be able to score a new bottle of an old favorite, so I believe it's always worth asking. Here are a few of my favorite Literary Lacquers polishes from past and present!  (Actually, I did see all of these in her etsy store - lucky you ;))

If It Pleases You is my FAVORITE Literary Lacquers polish. IIPY is from the The Good Parts Collection - Erotic fiction from Fanny Hill to 50 Shades. It's so gorgeous - have you ever seen a plum holo before? It's not's a perfect PLUM color.


Raspberry Cordial is from the Green Gables Collection. It's a sweet raspberry holo with ultra fine magenta shimmer:


Lake of Shining Waters, also from GG, is another perfect holo:


So is the namesake, Green Gables:


Woman of Pleasure is a periwinkle creme that is just so girly and pretty:


Laters, Baby, is a black-to-grey, pretty much a charcoal color, with rainbow holo:


Anne With An E, from Green Gables, is a glittery topcoat. Shown here of China Glaze Highlight of my Summer:


Carrots, Carrots is a sweet peachy creme with orange and white glitter:


Marilla's Amethyst Broch, from GG, deserves a much better shot than this. I need to re-swatch it:


And, last but not least, is Zipless, a fiery orange jelly loaded with glitter:


Which is your favorite??! Check out Literary Lacquers HERE on Facebook and HERE on etsy.




  1. These are still so pretty! I love the idea of the types of posts, looking forward to more of them.

  2. I love love love Green Gables and Raspberry Cordial ... those two have the most gorgeous shimmer!

  3. Woohoo for LL! This reminds me I still have a few of hers sitting in my untried bin of doom that need to get out and walk around!

  4. How can u choose a favourite, they're all dreamy! I might have to stalk her store and get me some after seeing ur beautiful swatches!


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