Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zoya Pixies - Fall 2013 Collection! I Heart Texture Polish - And Texture Gradients!

Hello there!

It should come as no surprise that I loove textured polish!  I have 9 brands of texture (Sally Hansen, China Glaze, Kiko, Barry M, Milani, OPI, Julie G, NOPI, and of course, Zoya!) and I love them all.

I reviewed and compared a few textures HERE, but I really need to update it now!

However, Zoya's texttures really take it to the next level.  The glitter and shine factor is really beyond any other brand!!  The Fall 2013 Textures certainly live up to the Zoya standard.  Zoya sent me these 6 Fall Pixies for my review and I love them all!  Let's take a look!


Usually I am a jerk and save my favorite for last, but today, it's coming first! I did some nail art using Tomoko and other colors, so I need to show you Tomoko first.

This sweet champagne color is my favorite, by far. I even have it on my toes! Each of the Pixies dried quickly, was opaque and shiny in just two coats - except the purple, Carter, which was my least favorite.



Next up is Arabella, a bright raspberry color:



I am surprisingly in looove with this orange, Dhara! I have a decent tan going, so I really love this with my (current, tanned) skin tone:


Soo pretty! Again, it just takes two coats for this look:


I attempted a texture gradient with Dhara and Tomoko. Not bad, right? Textures are really easy to do a gradient with - just keep mixing and splooshing (yes, I meant splooshing) polish on until you get the look you like! Make sure to wipe the excess off the brush, first, otherwise your sploosh will turn into a puddle.


Next up is Chita, which seems SO fall to me - I'm NOT ready! This and Sunshine, the blue coming up, seemed slightly less sparkly, and the colors were definitely the darkest of the bunch.



Chita does look pretty sparkly in the second pic...I might have to shut up, LOL. 

Here is Sunshine, 2 coats. Sidenote: Zoya usually uses happy, feminine, usually women's names as polish names. How on earth did this dark, near navy blue become called Sunshine?!?! Also, my pics have flash, which made the color a bit lighter and brighter than it is in real life:



I tried to get fancy and do another gradient with Arabella and Sunshine...meh. What do you think? I'm not feeling this combo.


Carter seems to be a favorite to some in the reviews I've read, buuuut I'm bucking the trend. I love the color, but compared to the others, this formula was sheerest and needed 3 coats, where the other just needed 2. I often reach for a texture when I am in a rush - base, 2 coats, no topcoat, done - but with 3 coats, the convenience factor just isn't there with Carter.



I was swatching Carter and thinking it might look good with Stevie, the lilac Summer Pixie, so I tried a gradient here, too. I like this pretty well. What do you think?



You can find Zoya on their website - - and in major retailers, like Ulta.

Are you a texture-aholic like I am? Which is your favorite brand and color?



  1. This collection is awesome. I am a huge fan of textured nail polishes too.

  2. I like the glitter textures like these, but not so much on the creams. C after is my favorite from this collection, and normally I'm not much for purples. Your gradients are adorable, I think the first is my

  3. I like the Dhara and Tomoko gradient, but I feel like the other two just don't mix well. Maybe if you did a triple gradient with Arabella, Carter, and Sunshine it would look more gradual. I bet Sunshine would look good with Chita as a gradient. Those two are my favorite.

    1. I will def try that. I need to practice creme gradients, too.


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