Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kawaii Nail Lacquers: Purple Chaos And Disco Party

Today, I have the first of two Kawaii Nail Lacquer posts to show you, with a total of 6 polishes. You may be asking yourself, "Lacey, why split them up?" Well, that's a great question. Thanks for asking!

The reason why is because you have a chance to win THESE two polishes in this post - Purple Chaos and Disco Party - in the MBHM 2,000 Follower Giveaway!! It ends TONIGHT so hop on over HERE and enter! Good luck :)

To tease you just a little more, let me show you the prize that Kawaii has sponsored - don't worry, yours will be brand new, of course - but I got ones to review, too, how awesome was that! And review I did!

 Let me show you Disco Party first, a gorgeous gold glitter topcoat. Here is two coats over butterLONDON Fiver:



Any legit polish hoarder (I mean, collector) MUST have a good gold glitter topper in his or her collection. (Yeah, I'm politically correct around here sometimes! Take that! I know I have a few male readers - what's up fellas!!)

This is two coats of DP over the bases. This top coat will look awesome over ANY polish you already own, including a solid gold! This polish just amplifies ANY mani. Perfect formula, of course.



Love the versatility!

Next up is Purple Chaos!

The swatch shows three coats of PC with no undies. The formula is smooth, perfect, not lumpy. No fishing for glitters required, the big pieces just pull right out of the bottle. Love this - and the purple (I'm thinking ahead here) is dusty enough to take you from summer to fall. My only word of caution is that you give this bad boy some good dry time, only because a jelly of this glittery magnitude needs time to settle, you know how it goes. No pulling, please!


Come closer!


Cuuuute, right!?!? Check out Kawaii Lacquer on her store HERE and on Facebook HERE as well!  OH - and you should totally follow Jamie on Instagram - @KawaiiLacquer - because she's adorable, her cat is cute as a button, and she shows polish sneak peeks. Booya!




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